OOAK PasturePets at the RFL Christmas Expo

PasturePets are horse bots who are available 24/7. They are a superb way to bring life and vitality to any Second Life land, whether a parcel or a full region. PasturePets are sedentary and live in barns, stables, or pastures, where they attract visitors and increase visitor length of stay.

Included in this auction on behalf of RFL are four (4) weeks of lease service with the one of a kind PasturePets listed below. Each One Of A Kind PasturePet comes with the accessories it is shown wearing and with your choice of a passive, random poser, an interactive poser, or a rotating, riding round pen. We will deed the poser of your choice to your land group and you may then move your Pet around as you wish.

PasturePets whose auction total is for more than $10,000L will also come with a special sleigh that will allow the lucky winner to drive their PasturePet in the sleigh!

Visit the PasturePets here.

Bid on the PasturePets here.

When your PasturePet lease is up at the end of four weeks, the PasturePet will return to our barns in White Horse Hollow, Tamarillo Island.

These OOAK Pets are valued at $17,000 L each including their unique, OOAK coats and personae + their 4 week haybill. PasturePets is a trademark of Elite Equestrian.



OOAK PasturePet “Pepper”

Breed: Knabstrupper
Age: 12
Gender: Mare

Info: Add a dash of spice to your barn with Pepper! This plucky mare has what some call a split personality… but we like to call it a “2 for 1” deal! She can be the sweetest little mare, then turn into quite a little fireball! She is a consistently high performer in the Show Jumping arena, and always gives it her all. Shake things up a little by bringing Pepper home today!



OOAK PasturePet “Sugarplum”

Breed: Brabant
age: 9
Gender: Mare

info: Sugarplum is as sweet as she is round. This laid back mare prefers to spend her days loafing about the pasture. She is more than happy to offer her services as the world’s coziest couch, and will happily carry you and the whole family anywhere you wish to go.


OOAK PasturePet “Frosty”

Breed: Andalusian
Age: 15
Gender: Mare

Info: Frosty is a sweet little mare that enjoys every cuddle she can get. Great with kids and adults, she has never met someone she doesn’t like. Her fur is soft and plush and her demeanor is sure to warm your heart… and your barn!



OOAK PasturePet “Magic”

Breed: American Saddlebred
Age: 7
Gender: Mare

Info: Bring a little Magic into the barn… with Magic! This cheeky mare is as mischievous as she is beautiful. Talented and Athletic, she shows at all the top tier shows across the grid. But when she is not working, she will keep herself busy by unlatching her stall door and helping herself to all the carrots she can eat!



OOAK PasturePet “Bourbon”

Breed: Clydesdale
age: 17
Gender: Mare

info: Bourbon is a gentle Clydesdale mare that has worked as a carriage horse
in a tourist town, walking the paved streets all day with a wagon of chatty tourists in tow. After years of service this lovely lady is looking forward to a happy retirement in a cozy stable or pasture.


OOAK PasturePet “Dickens”

Breed: Friesian Sport Horse
age: 8
Gender: Gelding

info: Looking to turn heads? Dickens is the true king of the show ring, proving a horse can be flashy and functional. He has a promising start as a three day eventer and is always the talk of the showgrounds. He’s hard to miss as he effortlessly clears every obstacle and conquers every challenge put before him.


OOAK PasturePet “Charity”

Breed: American Paint Horse
age: 12
Gender: Gelding

info: Charity puts his whole heart into everything he does. He is rock solid and dependable… but also very clever! He knows how to turn on the charm to get everyone to empty their pockets of treats and put them all riiiight in his bucket where they belong!


OOAK PasturePet “Butterscotch”

Breed: Welsh Section D Cob
Age: 11
Gender: Mare

info: Butterscotch is an honest, hard working mare. She has been many kids “first ride” and is a veteran of many a summer camp. She spends the off season relaxing in the barn or out in the pasture but will never pass up an opportunity to try to sneak a sugar cube away from passing people!

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