Troika! by Caledonia Skytower


Troika is Russian for ‘Group of Three’ and refers to the unique hitch of three horses that pulls the vehicle, which is usually a sleigh.  The Troika is a very fast land-based vehicle, due to the special layout of the team hitch. The center horse is customarily harnessed in a round collar with a bow shaft; the two outer horses are harnessed in breast-strap or breast collar harnesses with side check reins that pull their heads to the outside and help control the horses.  The center horse is a trotter; the two outside horses canter. This gives the Troika its characteristic ‘flying bird’ appearance as the trotter carries its head high and the two cantering outside horses bob as they run, which creates the look of a bird flapping its wings in flight.

The Elite Equestrian Troika is a very special sleigh we have kept for our personal use. This year, we incarnated it as a RealHorse Rambler in White Horse Hollow, where our visitors may experience riding in a virtual Troika.

One very special guest, Caledonia Skytower, was so taken with the Troika that she created this wonderful piece featuring the *E* Troika.  Click to View “Troika” by Caledonia Skytower!



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