Changes, Renovations, New Things…


Watch out for the flying trees!

We have a lot of new things we’re working on and of course, we are bringing in the Spring!

This weekend, we will finish changing Cherry Island and Tamarillo Island to Spring from Winter. The Troika has been retired for another year and there’s a pair of Ramblers pulling one of our newest innovations, the Cuddle Cart.  Beware of flying shrubs and trees as we finish both the change over as well as some planned renovations to these islands.

We have removed the old Dressage Court (more on that in a bit) and will be removing the in-world, Cherry Island ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ store on Friday, January 12. [If you currently have ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ gift cards, use them before the store vanishes for the widest range of products. While we will still have in-world vendor presence, we will not offer the majority of our clothing in in-world vendors.] We will be replacing the jump course this weekend with a new course; weekly show jumping continues, and this is a great chance to win *Elite Equestrian* gift cards as well as ribbons and picture plaques.

What else is in the works? We have several new PasturePet and Rambler products that are close to release, including partial-to-full region Rambler sets, new Preset Pets, cuddler carts and more.  We will be offering Limited Edition Preset Pets, that may include some of the 7 breeds of RealHorse that we never released. We will also be presenting the PasturePet Horse Show for all NPC RealHorses.  Our first show will be held January 21, details to follow!


We also have a very new venue project, Elite Equestrian Events, that we will be launching in the next week.  It’s big, it’s exciting, it’s coming very soon…and it’s where our monthly Dressage Freestyle Show and new monthly PasturePets Horse Show will be held.

Elite Equestrian Events Stadium.png



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