Introducing the Elite Equestrian Events Hippodrome!


We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest equestrian facility, the Elite Equestrian Events Hippodrome.


The Hippodrome, located in the Eldergrove region in Second Life, includes a full horse show facility for the RealHorse PasturePets and other NPCs; a hunter course, jump curse, and the Elite Equestrian Stadium with stadium jumping, dressage and more. In addition, we have moved our formal ballroom to the Hippodrome for our future formal events.


The Hippodrome is intended for use by the RealHorse horse breed avatars and non-playing characters such as our PasturePets, Ramblers and Bespoke RealHorses.  While all horses and riders are welcome to visit and experience the Hippodrome, only RealHorses may participate in our formal structured events.


The Hippodrome may be visited in Eldergrove.


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