Show Jumping Results, February 18, 2018

Show Jumping Results, Sunday February 18, 2018


First Place, Rockoe ridden by AggyMia in 60.178790 seconds


Second Place, Beau ridden by AggyMia in 61.127880 seconds
Third Place, Emmalette ridden by Karin in 116.357800 seconds
Fourth Place, SifLothbrook in 158.672800 seconds

Show Jumping Results, February 11, 2018

Show Jumping Results, Sunday February 11, 2018


First Place, Rixinshi ridden by Serinian in 59.286870 seconds


Second Place, Jasmine in 60.117840 seconds


Third Place, Rockoe ridden by AggyMia in 60.295700 seconds


Fourth Place, Beau ridden by AggyMia in 62.270810 seconds

February 2018 PasturePets Horse Show Results


Results for the February 2018 PasturePets Horse Show, the show for the RealHorse, NPCs of all kinds!

We would like to thank our judges for the February PasturePets HorseShow: Kezzy Fowrzy, Duchess of Angel Manor and Rebel (Rebekah Exonar).

Our judges were faced with a wide range of creative approaches to this month’s theme of Mardi Gras/Carnivale.

They managed wonderfully, and we are so pleased and thankful for their time spent in carefully evaluating and scoring the entrants in our February show. We would like to thank these two for their effort on our behalf!


Our Judges were instructed to judge each horse/pony using the following criteria:

The horse itself; the diorama; and the combined look of how well the horse & its decor go together.

Each horse received scores in all three categories, and the scores were then averaged to product a single unique score for each judge, which were then totaled to produce the final score.


Judges were told to have fun with their judging and to use their best judgment about what they liked. We gave them the following framework of guide lines to use in judging the entries:

1. The Horse

This is a fairly subjective score: did the judge _like_ the horse itself? Look at it in the size category (pony, horse, draft) and decide if you like that horse in that category.

We allow essentially anything equine in these shows as long as they are RealHorse NPCs and in the correct size class. So it comes down to:

~ Do you like the horse (mule, unicorn, zebra, pegasus, etc) as presented to you?
~ Do you like its decorations & accessories that it is wearing?
~ Does its decorations/accessories/tack add to the overall look of the display?

2. The Diorama

Some things to consider in your scoring:

~ How well is the horse displayed?
~ How well is the diorama created/built?
~ Is it creative?
~ Do the colors works together?
~ and of course, do you like it?
~ Can you see the horse easily?

3. Mise En Scene (Total Look and Feel)

~ How well does the Horse and its Decorations work with the Diorama?
~ Does the total display match the theme?
~ Do you like the total display (horse, accessories, diorama)?


Prize List:

First Place (all size classes):

RealHorse NPC receives a wearable garland and head ribbon.
Owner receives a display ribbon, trophy, Picture Plaque and $500L Elite Equestrian Gift Card

Second-Sixth Places (all size classes):

RealHorse NPC receives a wearable garland and head ribbon.
Owner receives a display ribbon, Picture Plaque and $200L Elite Equestrian Gift Card

Reserve Best in Show:

Wearable RBIS garland and RBIS head ribbon for the RealHorse NPC
Owner receives a RBIS display ribbon, RBIS display pose stand, Picture Plaque, and a $750L Elite Equestrian gift card.

Best in Show:

Wearable BIS garland and BIS head ribbon for the RealHorse NPC
Owner receives a BIS display ribbon, BIS display pose stand, Picture Plaque, a $1000L Elite Equestrian gift card, and one month’s free Hay Bill for their RealHorse NPC.


For more show pictures, click here.

February 2018 Placements:

Best in Show
Prince Diamond

Judge #1 93.00
Judge #2 86.66
Total Overall Score: 89.83


Reserve Best in Show

Judge #1 90.33
Judge #2 86.66
Total Overall Score: 88.5


First Place Pony

Judge #1 83.33
Judge #2 77.33
Total Overall Score: 80.33


Second Place Pony

Maple Stirrup
Judge #1 75.67
Judge #2 80.00
Total Overall Score: 77.83


First Place Draft

Judge #1 90.33
Judge #2 86.66
Total Overall Score: 88.5


Second Place Draft

Judge #1 86.66
Judge #2 88.33
Total Overall Score: 87.5


Third Place Draft
Sugar Plum

Judge #1 27.33
Judge #2 26.66
Total Overall Score: 27


First Place Horse
Prince Diamond

Judge #1 93.00
Judge #2 86.66
Total Overall Score: 89.83


Second Place Horse

Judge #1 87.66
Judge #2 87.33
Total Overall Score: 87.5


Third Place Horse

Judge #1 89.66
Judge #2 78.33
Total Overall Score: 84


Fourth Place Horse
Rum Runner

Judge #1 91.66
Judge #2 73.33
Total Overall Score: 82.5


Fifth Place Horse

Judge #1 92.33
Judge #2 71.66
Total Overall Score: 82


Sixth Place Horse
Horse Sense

Judge #1 87.66
Judge #2 65
Total Overall Score: 76.3


BIS Prince Diamond 89.83
RBIS Whinny 88.5
3rd Overall Brayberry 87.5 (Tiebreaker 90)
4th Overall Fuego 87.5 (Tiebreaker 76.67)
5th Overall Magic 84
6th Overall Rum Runner 82.5
7th Overall Pepper 82
8th Overall Bread 80.33


February RealHorse PasturePet Horse Show


The PasturePet Horse Show is for all RealHorse NPCs: PasturePets, RealHorse Ramblers, Bespoke RealHorses, and RealHorse model bots.  This horse show is intended to let NPC RealHorse horse owners show off their beauties in a special horse show facility.

Registration for the PasturePet Horse Show runs Sunday, February 11th – Thursday, February 15th.  All entries must be in place and decorated no later than midnight, Thursday February 15th.  Judging takes place Friday and Saturday (February 16th and 17th) with awards announced at 11 am SLT on Sunday, February 18th.  The theme for this month is Mardi Gras/Carnivale.

February’s horse show awards ceremony will be held Sunday, February 18th, with prizes awarded and pictures taken at 11 am SLT .


How the Show is judged and prizes awarded:

Each entrant will receive a temporary shed assignment, which includes 75 prims with which to decorate their display.  Judging is conducted in the size classes (Pony, Horse, Draft) and is based on 1. the RealHorse NPC; 2. the creativity of the entry’s shed decorations; and 3. overall design of how the horse and decorations work together. Two independent nonpartisan judges will score each entry, awarding it 0-100 points.  Their scores will be averaged to produce a final score which will determine placement in the size category and overall show.  Highest scores win. Click here for Full Rules.


In the size classes, winners 2-6 receive a wearable garland for their RealHorse NPC, display ribbons, $200L Elite Equestrian  gift card, and a picture plaque.  First place in the size class receives a trophy, a wearable garland for their RealHorse NPC, display ribbons, $500L Elite Equestrian gift card, and a picture plaque. Reserve Best in Show winner receives a special garland for their RealHorse NPC, a RBIS display ribbon, display pose stand, and a $750L Elite Equestrian gift card. The Best in Show winner receives a special garland for their RealHorse NPC, a BIS display ribbon, trophy, display pose stand, a $1000L Elite Equestrian gift card, and one month’s free Hay Bill for their RealHorse NPC.

How the PasturePet show works:

Eligible entries must register on our on-line entry form in advance of the show. Entries open one week before the show and close when the show is full or by the Thursday before, whichever comes first.  Entered horses must be in their stalls in the show ground by Thursday, 12 midnight SLT and remain there for the duration of the show. Judging will take place Friday-Saturday.  Winners will be announced on Sunday.


Rules and other fine details:

1. Entry limited to RealHorse NPC horses. They may be owned or leased by the entering participant. (You may enter your leased PasturePet, RealHorse Rambler, or BeSpoke RealHorse or your own NPC RealHorse character).

2. A blank shed ‘sleeve’ is provided to help you size your entry.  Please keep all entries General/PG/mature.  Please keep all decorations within the footprint of the shed sleeve. Please keep all decorations under 12m in height. Please limit your use of scripts and keep textures under 512 pixels for prims and 1024 for mesh.  Click here for full rules.

3. You can make decorations that are worn by your horse to expand your prim limit. Be aware of your avatar render weight for your horse. If the judge cannot see your horse, they cannot judge it!

4. Prim overages will dock your score 5 points per prim that you are over limit.

5. Decorations may not cover the shed signboards.

6. There are three size classes. Entries in each Size Class will be judged for First-Sixth places in that size class. Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show will be chosen based on the highest scores in total, regardless of their size class. Owners may enter 1 RealHorse NPC in each class (Pony, Horse, Draft).  If the class does not fill, then that class may open for additional entries.

  • Pony: Miniature Horse, Falabella, POA Ponies, Hackneys. Also minimules/donkeys.
  • Horse: All 15.2 breeds, Gypsy Vanner + the unreleased breeds (Andalusian, American Saddlebred, Knabstrupper, Welsh Cob Section D)
  • Draft: Percheron, Friesian + the unreleased breeds (Brabant, Clydesdale)

7. You do not need to be the creator of your shed decorations. Most people will want to be, but if you want to hire or ask a friend to make it for you that is fine, too. You MUST be the owner of any decorations you plan to rez on the showgrounds.

8. Don’t have a PasturePet but want to show? No problem! we have PasturePets available for lease, some even at the showground salesground ready to go!

10. Final, final very fine print. Pick up a PasturePets show kit at the show grounds to help you with your entry. It includes a notecard with UUIDs for the show sheds, a slurl for your NPC, a builder’s guide shell for the show sheds, plus the full show rules and prize list. Click here for full show rules.


Ready to register?

  1. Click here for the entry form!
  2. Click here for the full show rules.
  3. Load your RealHorse NPC into the trailer and take it to the show grounds.
  4. Find your show shed, and put your RealHorse NPC in it by Thursday 12 Midnight SLT before the show.
  5. Decorate!
  6. Wait impatiently for the awards ceremony….



Free Romantic Carriage Rides…and More!

EliteEquestrianRHRamblerRomantic CarriageRides.jpg

Having trouble deciding what to get her for that big day? How about a romantic carriage ride and more?

This FREE set includes a heart shaped gift box (M/T), heart-shaped box of candy (T), rose petals in the shape of a heart (T), functional heart-locket (click to open and then just drag and drop your pictures into the 2 sides of the locket! M/T) and a tour guide HUD of 12 romantic hands-free carriage and trail rides (C/T).

We recommend the Romantic Ramblers for the an exceptionally romantic experience. Ride the cuddle carriage behind a match pair of pure white horses decorated for Valentine’s day to the Conservatory where you may dance under the stars. For those really special moments, there’s even a proposal animation in the carriage if you want to do it up right!


Directions included to use the HUD; permissions vary but all items transfer, allowing you to give a complete gift to that special someone. All that, and it is FREE, FREE, FREE!

Please note that no horses or carriages are included in the gift set. This is a set of gifts + a Rambler Tour Guide HUD that allows you to easily locate these fun, free carriage and trail rides.

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