Grand Opening of Elite Equestrian’s Silver Sands region


Elite Equestrian is pleased to announce the opening of our consolidated equestrian facilities in the Silver Sands region.

Our new facilities include White Horse Hollow, the Hippodrome Stadium, the Elite Grand Ballroom, the Stone Circle, the PasturePets Horse Show grounds, the Elite Equestrian and Ladies’ Pleasure stores, and more.

Grand opening events include:

* a Dressage Freestyle exhibition in the Hippodrome at 7 pm SLT on Sunday.


* A Treasure Hunt: Pieces to a complete spring-themed functional jump course are hidden throughout our region. Collect all the pieces to make a functional jump course of your own or use the completed scripted rezzer (and instructions) we are including as part of the hunt!

Elite Equestrian Grand Opening Hunt.jpg

* A Skin sale: 80 unique skins for the RealHorse horse breed avatars are being discounted 50% for the week of our grand opening. This is a wonderful opportunity to add to your coat collection! Skins for the RealHorse work with all RealHorse avatars.

* Two PasturePet Raffles: There are two raffles. Both include 1 month’s lease and a PasturePet plus a 1024 rambler installation (yours to keep). We will be raffling a blue roan Brabant PasturePet and a piebald American Saddlebred PasturePet (both breeds that we do not sell, which are only available as PasturePets.)



* An ABC Red Carpet Sale: Honey’s legendary collection of prize winning ABC horses and ponies are available at this Red Carpet sale. Each pony package includes the pony, its placement pedestal, and its ribbons/plates/trophies. These ponies are petted out ABC ponies and may be renamed and are eligible to compete in any ABC horse show. These ABC equines have already won at least once…and often far more than once. Sale also includes specialty horses and ponies.

* New releases throughout the week including our new line of Helios overo RealHorse skins, mule modification kits, pre-set pets, and a new model horse gacha!

Elite Equestrian will re-open to the public on Sunday, March 4th, at 4 pm SLT in the Silver Sands region.

Elite Equestrian: The Horse Source


White Horse Hollow (Riding, Ramblers, Pasture Pet Rentals)
Elite Equestrian Store (Raffle, Show Jumping, Demo Areas, Coat Sale, New Releases)
Ladies’ Pleasure Store (ABC Tack, Riding Apparel, ABC Red Carpet Sale)
PasturePets Show Ground (PasturePets Horse Show)
Elite Equestrian’s Hippodrome Stadium (Dressage, Stadium Jumping)
Romantic Ramblers (Elite Grand Ballroom, Conservatory, Stone Circle, the Ladies’ Garden)
eliteriding academy.jpg



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