New in White Horse Hollow, Rideable Pasture Pets


New today in White Horse Hollow, Elite Equestrian’s new rideable PasturePets. Visit Scout and Patches for a trail ride through the lovely Silver Sands region.

Click on the horse’s hindquarters, sit, and then use your usual movement keys (arrows or WASD) to ride the horse. Double tap your forward key to go faster, hold down your forward key and tap your backward key to slow down. Page Up or E to jump.


Our horses are FREE to ride and are a wonderful date or friend outing. No muss, no fuss, just please return them to their stable when you are done.  Visit Elite Equestrian: The Horse Source in Silver Sands to ride Scout or Patches.


About Scout: Scout is a handsome 10-year-old piebald American Paint Horse gelding. He likes to be the leader on any trail ride and he can be a little hot and show a turn of speed.


About Patches: Patches is a gorgeous light bay skewbald American Paint Horse mare. She is 7 years old, and a lovely lady to ride. She is happy with a group or being taken out alone to loiter along the trails in White Horse Hollow.

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