Stadium Jumping Results, Sunday June 24th

First Place, Beau ridden by AggyMia in 56.351920 seconds

Second Place, Tatertrot ridden by Rixinshi Spires in 57.625 seconds

Third Place, Rockoe ridden by AggyMia in 59.911190 seconds

Fourth Place, Birdit in 62.158290 seconds

Fifth Place, Kira Pidgeon in 64.275250 seconds

Sixth Place, Anahorseswold1 in 99.515140 seconds


Scout’s Newest Adventure

Our own dear Scout went off on a noteworthy adventure this week. He was at the Seanchai Library as the notorious divorce horse. This is from a Sheriff Walt Longmire short story by Craig Johnson.

“Longmire takes a break from the Cody Pritchard murder mystery for an even more perilous assignment — preparing for the marriage of his daughter, Cady. In addition to discussions about life, love and weddings, Walt and Henry are drawn into the disappearance of a horse at the American Indian Days Parade and Pow Wow — the notorious divorce horse.”

Now Scout is available for long-term lease at Silver Sands. Scout may be ridden and cuddled, just like a real horse! Just pay his lease meter and we will trailer him to you. He is also available for racing in the Shetland Steeple Stakes!

Elite Equestrian’s Shetland Steeplechase Stakes


Join us on Saturday, June 30th at 12:00 noon for the official Elite Equestrian Shetland Steeplechase Stakes!

Race to win the first RealHorse Shetland pony, in advance of the formal release of this newest breed of RealHorse.


The Steeplechase will be conducted in 3 qualifying heats, with the winner of each heat advancing to the final stakes race. The winner of the Steeplechase Stakes will receive the first copy of the new RealHorse Shetland pony ($3700L value), a trophy, a rose drape, and a ribbon.  Second and Third places will receive a rose drape, a ribbon, and a $500L gift card. All racers will receive a general participation ribbon.  The Silver Sands region will be locked during heats, so please be punctual to ensure your place to race!

The Steeplechase will take place at the Elite Raceway located on Level Five of Elite Equestrian’s Silver Sands region.  Only RealHorse horses (NPC or avatars) may be used to compete.  PasturePet Horses are available for use by those who do not have a RealHorse. Practice over our  steeplechase track is strongly recommended. Horses are available on the raceway level for this use.  Each heat is limited to 10 competitors; available horses are first-come, first-serve. Horses must be in English tack. Jockey silks are required for riders (available free to group members.)

Gate breaking & practice heats at the steeplechase track will be held on the following days, when track officials will be available for hands-on practice:

  • Saturday June 16 @ 11 am
  • Sunday June 17 @ 5 pm SLT
  • Tuesday, June 19 @ 10 am SLT
  • Thursday June 21 @ 6 pm SLT
  • Saturday June 23@ 11 am SLT
  • Sunday June 24 @ 5 pm SLT
  • Tuesday, June 26 @ 10 am SLT
  • Thursday June 28 @ 6 pm SLT

In Search of Creative Equestrian Blogger

Fuegoand Honey

The Elite Equestrian team is in search of a creative, dedicated blogger to join our team to create photo stories about our events, facilities and products.

The qualified individual will be experienced in creating beautiful Second Life photography; using GMail, Google docs, WordPress; have a portfolio of images on Flickr and a blog to show us.  We are looking for a dedicated individual with superior English skills and the ability to tell a story through beautiful SL photo captures.

We are generous with product for our team, and the blogger selected to join our team will receive a weekly blogger pack of current development product + the avatar for that product as well as Linden payment for each blog post.  The selected applicant must create one blog a week using our product plus post 1 or more images to Flickr every other day .


  • Applicant must speak English as their native language
  • Must have a portfolio on Flickr
  • Must have a minimum of 500 followers on Flickr
  • Must use good grammar & spelling
  • Must be in the Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific Time Zones
  • Must love horses
  • Must have a modern, human avatar that complies with our region rules

Chosen applicant(s) will be trialed for a 3-week basis, during which time they will be provided with a PasturePet and stable in our Silver Sands region as well as and receive payment for qualified blog posts.

To apply, please drop your resume notecard of SL experience including your time zone, Flickr stream and blog URLs to our in world (purple) mailbox in the landing zone of Silver Sands, or e-mail to  Please, no IMs during working hours.