Scout’s Newest Adventure

Our own dear Scout went off on a noteworthy adventure this week. He was at the Seanchai Library as the notorious divorce horse. This is from a Sheriff Walt Longmire short story by Craig Johnson.

“Longmire takes a break from the Cody Pritchard murder mystery for an even more perilous assignment — preparing for the marriage of his daughter, Cady. In addition to discussions about life, love and weddings, Walt and Henry are drawn into the disappearance of a horse at the American Indian Days Parade and Pow Wow — the notorious divorce horse.”

Now Scout is available for long-term lease at Silver Sands. Scout may be ridden and cuddled, just like a real horse! Just pay his lease meter and we will trailer him to you. He is also available for racing in the Shetland Steeple Stakes!

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