The Great Shetland Golden Pony Hunt!


Please join us Saturday, July 7th, at 5 pm SLT in the Elite Equestrian Silver Sands region to hunt for the Golden Pony!

One Golden Pony will be hidden somewhere in our 5 public levels of our region.  The lucky finder will receive their choice of a stallion or mare Shetland Pony avatar.

We will be locking Silver Sands 30 minutes before the start of the hunt and sending home anyone who is still there so that we may hide the Golden Pony.  At 5 pm promptly, we will be opening the region to all to come hunt for the Golden Pony.


This is the hunt object.

The rules are simple:

  • The Golden Pony may be hidden anywhere in the 5 public levels of the Silver Sands region.
  • The first person to find and purchase the Golden Pony (0L) and bring it to our staff members on the 2nd level wins their choice of a male or female Shetland Pony avatar.
  • Hints will be provided through Region Communications and to the *Elite Equestrian* group during the hunt.  We recommend that you join the *Elite Equestrian* prior to the start of the hunt.

The Shetland Pony horse avatar will be released for sale to the public on Saturday, July 7th.




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