New, the RealHorse Shetland Pony!


New today, the new Elite Equestrian RealHorse Shetland Pony (and all the stuff)!

The Shetland is perhaps our favorite release to date with its adorable rolypoly body, moxie and tiny size. Falling half way between the mini/falabella and the hackney/poa ponies in size, the Shetland is a 9-hand tall pony perfect for the smaller rider. It releases with 3 riding systems, in fact, Small, Medium and Large aimed for toddler/child/grown-up avatars.


The Shetland also releases with a gorgeous fluffy rigged mane in two colors, 3 tails (1 in our full 85 texture options, 2 in colors to complement the fluffy rigged mane set which is sold separately), 26 coats, unrigged release tack, a wagon, and more. As ever, you will find all the additional bits and pieces for the pony in the ‘Extras’ button on the pony’s Gesture HUD.


The Shetland Pony also releases with more than 275 rigged mesh accessories (sold separately) to cover all your ponying needs.  Available Shetland accessories include rigged horse shoes; shipping wraps; hoof covers; bell boots; tendon boots; 4 different styles of rigged leg feathers (that work with existing ‘Fluffy Feather’ texture HUDs); 16 different rigged manes/neck accessories; 2 full blanket styles; 4 additional blanket styles; cute hip and back decoration sets; fly mask, animated nose bag, plain, bumper, Get Charmed bronco and rope halters; Pelham, Double, Snaffle, Baroque, and Split Ear western bridles; English, Western, Sidesaddle, Rosamunda, Daisy Mae, Baroque, Cavalry saddle sets; 2 harness sets; 4 Get Charmed charm gacha sets; 3 head decoration gachas the very special Fairytale halter gacha set, and last, but not least, the collectible Shetland pony gacha.


There’s a lot to love about this adorable little pony with its outsized personality. It is available in our in-world Silver Sands store and on the Marketplace.



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