Elite Equestrian Customer Survey Response

We conducted a survey of our customers last month to help determine our future development activities. We would like to thank those of our customers who responded, as this will guide some of our anticipated developments in coming months.

In our survey, we asked three simple questions to get an idea of what our active customer base would like to see forthcoming from our team.

Our first question was “We are considering productizing one of our PasturePet breeds. Which would you prefer to see turned into a full avatar?” You responded Clydesdale, Andalusian, American Saddlebred, Welsh Cob, and Knabstrupper.  As it happens, we have since released the Shetland Pony, which will (probably) be our last RealHorse V2 breed release. However, we will certainly take your responses into account as we move into our NextGen development.

Our second question was “What breed would you like to see more rigged tack for?” The Friesian was the overwhelming leader, then the Lipizzan and the Lusitano, followed by the Percheron and the Gypsy Vanner. We also had requests for more tack for the Arabian, Quarter Horse and Marwari. (Just fyi, these breeds already have a large range of accessories available for them on the Marketplace and in our in-world store.)

Our third question was “What tack sets would you be most interested in purchasing?”  Rigged mesh manes were the overwhelming leader, followed by blankets, English saddles, and halters. Leg wraps, horse shoes, and bridles were also a popular response.

Since we conducted our survey in May, we have completed and released the RealHorse Shetland Pony, with a huge array of rigged and other accessories.  We have also continued development with our RealHorse NextGen, the Bento-rigged horse we’ve had in the works for the past nine months.

Considering the responses, we will be releasing some range of rigged mesh manes for the Friesian, Percheron, and Lusitano. We may, depending on our development commitments, release additional tack such as halters, feathers and blankets for the Friesian and the Percheron.   We will probably not release any of our Pet breeds for sale, given how far we are into the NextGen development. We would rather focus our efforts on this avatar rather than focusing on releasing another V2 avatar. We will certainly take into account the breed requests in our NextGen development.

Thank you again for your time in responding to the survey. It does help us pick and choose our next time commitments.


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