September 2018, What’s in Process?


It’s been an exceptionally busy summer for us at Elite Equestrian, and we are heading into an even busier Autumn season.

We are close to releasing our scripted, fully functional horse trailer. This trailer can be hitched to any functional vehicle, allowing you to trailer your RealHorses anywhere you have driving privileges.  The trailer takes two horses and features glowing reflectors and functional doors and wheels.

We are also working on rigged manes for the Friesian and the Straight Egyptian Arabian. These manes include the French Braid, Roached Mane, Leaf Braid, Cute Braid + decorations, Bobble, Simple, Flowing, Shaggy, and Spartan manes.

We have two collectible horse gachas close to release; these include our Morgan and Quarter Horse collectibles, with a very special gacha planned for October.

QH Gacha

And finally, we are working on our new, improved carriages/carts for use with both our RealHorse avatars and the PasturePets.

Last but really not least, we are overhauling our ground level to make it easier to ride – and of course, we always have fun new things in the works, including our Equinox celebration on September 23rd.