January 2019

The best laid plans of mice and men….and real life as well…led us to step down from our 30K prim region, Silver Sands and move to a more easily managed homestead, where we are busily at work at interrupted projects.

Our new region, Shangrilah, has been converted to Spring and features riding systems for the RealHorse.

We just released our first Animesh project, a super cute Animesh Tiny Tails companion in a gacha. There are 20 possible prizes to win, so collect them all!

We are close to releasing our scripted, fully functional horse trailer. This trailer can be hitched to any functional vehicle, allowing you to trailer your RealHorses anywhere you have driving privileges.  The trailer takes two horses and features glowing reflectors and functional doors and wheels.

We are also working on rigged manes for the Friesian and the Straight Egyptian Arabian. These manes include the French Braid, Roached Mane, Leaf Braid, Cute Braid + decorations, Bobble, Simple, Flowing, Shaggy, and Spartan manes.

Our Bento horse is trotting right along. We have big plans for this beauty and are looking forward to its release in its final form.

Plus of course, a few surprises along the way.