June Showjumping Results

June 2, 2019

1st place:
Even Velde 47.549980

2nd place:
AlamarsRobinHood 58.824060

3rd place:
SweetEdenn 77.823700

4th place:
Abraxas Fallen 86.657750

5th place:
Rohit9577 105.668100

June 9, 2019

1st place:
AlamarsRobinHood 46.632850

2nd place:
Shynne Nirvana 85.815140


June 16, 2019

1st place:
Shynne Nirvana 47.216210

2nd place:
houndofdarkness 47.226640

3rd place:
Even Velde 48.222810

4th place:
AlamarsRobinHood 50.437300

5th place:
AggyMia 72.389660

6th Place
Kurai Thei 98.209700


June 23, 2019

1st place:
AlamarsRobinHood 49.546500


June 30, 2019

1st place:
AlamarsRobinHood 45.749370

2nd Place:
Shynne Nirvana 83.686160


Coming Soon, the Mega Horse

The new Mega Horse

The new Mega Horse, coming soon, is 150% bigger than our RealHorse 15.2 breeds. This massive horse will be releasing only as a fully functional stallion.

It is a fully functional horse, complete with riding system, some rigged tack, and functional genitalia.

Available July 1st, 2019.