RealHorse Rideable Update

Updates on our products are rare but sometimes things change. Then we do such a fast evolution of one of our projects that an update is mandatory!

This is the case with the update of our new RealHorse Rider to the new RealHorse Rideable Animesh Horse.

Here’s what is updated in the new version:

~ Complete overhaul of the AO and HUD scripting to improve speed and function.
~ Reduced the number of scripts and the amount of memory usage to 1150 Kb.
~ Added sounds to the Gesture HUD.
~ Added multiple stands to the AO for the horse.
~ Completely reanimated the horse animations in both AO and Gesture HUD.
~ Created a smoother jump sequence.
~ Added an adjustment system to the Gesture Hud to allow riders to quickly and easily position their horses.
~ Positioning adjustments persist between uses (The RealHorse “remembers” the adjustment you set.)
~ Changed the gait sounds.
~ Changed the rider animations priority to allow all of the full-sized horses to be used with combat systems.
~ Overhauled the Gesture HUD to make it simpler to use and reduce the amount of screen space used.

What this means:
A horse with lower script memory usage that is simpler and easier to use, and that more effectively competes in most equestrian sports, while still delivering the full equestrian experience.

Other Useful Things to Know!

30,700 – 38,400 Complexity (Rank 1)

Average Script Usage:
1150 kb memory


We’d like to thank the exceptional E development team for their hard work in creating the RealHorse™ Rideable animesh riding horses.

Additional thank you’s to others who have helped along the way:

Fienchen (fionalein) for her assistance with various scripted parts.
Joshi Swashbuckler for his genius and extensive overhaul of the scripting, resulting in a sleeker, faster horse….and Joshi and the Dragon Lance design crew for their excellent assistance in getting the horse to work correctly for combat games.
And of course, Elrik Merlin for the inspiration from his suggestion that we “make a horse that he could keep in his inventory.”

The E Team:

Cherry Lastchance – Animations, detail checking, horse breed mesh modeling, coat painting, brand redesign, (Did we mention, animations?)
Sillve Resident and Lillian Fayray – Testing, testing, testing and MORE testing…and their flawless customer service
Emmalette – For her consistently superior mesh modeling
Dancer Inglewood – Holder of the Wrench
Elite Equestrian – Project design and management, mesh modeling, artwork, documentation, UI design, technical design, provider of mints, and whatever else needed doing

We will be updating over the next week, starting with the Dressage, Hunter and Armored versions. Watch for your update, but if you miss it, you can always receive a redelivery from the redelivery terminal in the store or any CasperVend vendor.

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