New This Week (March 23-29)

Releasing new this week are the American Saddlebred in English tack as well as the Pony of the Americas in both English and Western tack styles.

We are working on three gorgeous new releases for Fantasy Faire, plus finalizing our interstitial development for the Idle Rogue Dance troupe’s Night Circus.

We’ve also put the new Friesian animesh rideable in the works. This is a gorgeous horse and we’re very excited about how it is looking.

And some other things, too, of course 😉

Marching On!

Elite Equestrian's Cinderella Carriage Roselline February 2020

It’s been such a busy Winter for us, and we’ve been focused on creating!

So far this Winter we have released the Shetland Pony in a variety of formats, including the adorable Cinderella Carriage.We have also developed and released our new American Saddlebred with 3-gaits (Slow gait, park trot, park canter) with the classic 1870s Goddard Buggy exclusively at the Great Exhibition in New Babbage.  We also developed a new set of armor, the 1560 Italian Milanese Armor for the Cleveland Bay, available exclusively at We Love Roleplay (25% discount while at this event!).

Held Foal GachaRares_001

What’s upcoming? We have a lot of new releases for the Spring. Of course Fantasy Faire is always a big event, and we have 3 gorgeous new releases just for that (shhhh, they’re a secret!)  Sooner than that though, we will be releasing the Shetland Pony with the Swan Sleigh, the POA, riding pony, and the Sidesaddle Shetland and a ton of new appaloosa coats in the coming month.

Elite Equestrian Milanese 1560 Horse Armor Dagged

We’re working on the American Saddlebred riding horse in English and western; the Friesian; the Dartmore and some other odds and ends, including a couple of new Gachas. And of course, we continue to work on other wonderful projects in the background.