Marching On!

Elite Equestrian's Cinderella Carriage Roselline February 2020

It’s been such a busy Winter for us, and we’ve been focused on creating!

So far this Winter we have released the Shetland Pony in a variety of formats, including the adorable Cinderella Carriage.We have also developed and released our new American Saddlebred with 3-gaits (Slow gait, park trot, park canter) with the classic 1870s Goddard Buggy exclusively at the Great Exhibition in New Babbage.  We also developed a new set of armor, the 1560 Italian Milanese Armor for the Cleveland Bay, available exclusively at We Love Roleplay (25% discount while at this event!).

Held Foal GachaRares_001

What’s upcoming? We have a lot of new releases for the Spring. Of course Fantasy Faire is always a big event, and we have 3 gorgeous new releases just for that (shhhh, they’re a secret!)  Sooner than that though, we will be releasing the Shetland Pony with the Swan Sleigh, the POA, riding pony, and the Sidesaddle Shetland and a ton of new appaloosa coats in the coming month.

Elite Equestrian Milanese 1560 Horse Armor Dagged

We’re working on the American Saddlebred riding horse in English and western; the Friesian; the Dartmore and some other odds and ends, including a couple of new Gachas. And of course, we continue to work on other wonderful projects in the background.

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