Things in August

Elite Equestrian's Splash! 2020

We are super pleased to announce the release of our latest animesh rideable, the Friesian in 5 configurations: Armored, English, Baroque, Sidesaddle and Goddard Buggy. This new release includes a number of features including special Friesian gaits and more.

We are presenting a singular, unique event for the mer community from August 16-23rd. Splash! features a full week of programming including music, dance, spoken word, sports, and shopping. What else? During the week, visit the Splash! event to ride the Kelpie -Go-Round and receive an adorable merfolk gift, practice over the jump course or jousting list with our free Ride With Me! Kelpies, shop at selected merchants, win unique raffle prizes, find trivia treasure hunt objects to create a special mer crown, plus new product releases, an art exhibit, and so much more!

We will also be releasing several new animesh rideables and a new horse avatar. Watch this space for details!