Splash! 2020 Monday August 17

Events and activities at Splash! 2020 for Monday, August 17:

Monday, August 17th, 10 am SLT
Join us for a Kelpy jumping competition under the sea for a chance to take home ribbons, a trophy and gift cards to Elite Equestrian! The Jump competition will be held at 10 am SLT. Winners to the first 6 places receive a unique trophy + gift cards.($1,000L gift card to 1st, 500L gift card to 2nd, 200L gift card to 3rd, 100L gift card to places 4-6.)

Make Your Own Mer Crown at Splash! 2020

Enter to win a $2500L gift card from !Devious Mind in our daily raffle. 1 entry per avatar, entry is free.

Find all 13 sand dollars in our Mer Trivia Treasure Hunt; use the magic wands from the sand dollars to make your own original mesh mer crown.

There’s a fresh new catch of the day with the Kelpy-Go-Round. Today’s catch is a set of branch coral, perfect to add to any undersea scene!

New and exclusively at Splash! 2020 are the Micro and the Ultra Oceana Kelpy gachas. Just $200L a play, these rideable animesh mounts are right-sized for the petite/micro avatar and the larger avatar.

Splash! 2020 is presented by Elite Equestrian and runs through August 23rd. Visit it in Second Life.

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