Events @ Splash! 2020, Friday, August 21st

Underwater Jousting @ Splash! 2020

Events and activities at Splash! 2020 for Friday, August 21:

DJ Ktahdn Vesuvino

Friday, August 21st, 11 am SLT
DJ Ktahdn Vesuvino provides sea-themed music from various sources. Instrumental and vocal, sailors and swimmers, and maybe even a poem or two. Our course will be adjusted on the fly, as we dance.

Friday, August 21st, 6 pm SLT
Tales of Enchantment from the Sea: Reader Willow Moonfire will read two traditional Celtic legends from Scotland and Ireland, The Soul Cages, and The Seal Catcher and The Selkies.

Mer Knight Preparing to Joust!

Today, enter to win a $2500L gift card from !Devious Mind in our daily raffle. 1 entry per avatar, entry is free.

Find all 13 sand dollars in our Mer Trivia Treasure Hunt; use the magic wands from the sand dollars to make your own original mesh mer crown.

Manta Ray

There’s a fresh new catch of the day with the Kelpy-Go-Round. Today’s catch is a rotating Manta Ray, perfect to add to any undersea scene!

New and exclusively at Splash! 2020 are the Micro and the Ultra Oceana Kelpy gachas. Just $200L a play, these rideable animesh mounts are right-sized for the petite/micro avatar and the larger avatar.

Splash! 2020 is presented by Elite Equestrian and runs through August 23rd. Visit it in Second Life.

The winner of Thursday’s raffle was Caledonia Skytower, who won a $2,000L giftcard from Stargazer.

The Winning Jousters

Underwater Jousting Competition Results:

1st: VikingPrime
2nd: ZyxwraollzephaeL
3rd: Cassiqua
4th: KyavelDragonRose Resident
Best Hit: VikingPrime (acc: 0.020626)
Best in Helm: Cassiqua

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