About ~Ladies’ Pleasure~

~Ladies’ Pleasure~ is the premiere maker of equestrian supplies in Second Life, specializing in products for the SL horse and his or her rider.

We currently create tack and other accessories for the ABC Breedable Horse, the ~LP~ Bull and Cow, the ~LP~ Foal, ~LP~ Tiny Tails, and the ~LP~ Carousel Horse.

Our product line includes all things equestrian and equine. We offer modern & period clothing and accessories for the male and female rider, including riding habits, boots, shadbellies, jackets, helmets, and driving accoutrement.

We also offer a full range of products for equestrian disciplines including dressage, stadium (arena) jumping, harness, and reining.

We provide customized show tack for the ABC breedable horse. With more than 750 Best of Breed, Reserve Best of Breed, and Overall wins, you can be sure of having the winner’s edge with ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ quality workmanship.

Please visit us in our store in Equine Island for our line of ABC tack and accessories.