White Horse Hollow


About White Horse Hollow

Welcome to White Horse Hollow, home of the RealHorse horse breed avatars, the RealHorse PasturePets, the Bespoke RealHorse, and the Romantic Ramblers.

Our saddled and harnessed horses (Romantic Ramblers) moving about the sim are available to ride by all visitors.

To ride our horses who are moving about the sim, simply click on their bodies or in their cart. Hands-free riding at its very finest, riding the RealHorses are a wonderful date activity.

All equestrians are allowed to use our facilities without charge using our existing riding system and cart/wagon rezzers for the *E* RealHorse.  We do not provide riding systems for any other make or model of horse.
Please note that this is not a roleplay or a rental facility. Although you are welcome to engage in your own roleplay, we ask that you not engage with roleplay with others without their permission.

What else?

White Horse Hollow is a place of peace and tranquility, our little peace of heaven wherein we engage in various holistic modalities depending on our personal proclivities.  You will find installations and spaces that reflect our interest in natural physical and emotional health, energy work, and more.  There is a community here that uses this space cooperatively with the equestrian community, as we believe that the outside of the horse, is good for the inside of the human, just as other holistic modalities are good for those who wish to evolve.

White Horse Hollow is owned by H0neyHeart and EliteEquestrian.  Comments, queries etc should be addressed via notecard and dropped into the mail box at the entry point.

Please note that due to Linden Labs’ Terms of Service, and our own Adult rating, child/juvenile avatars and those not age verified may not visit White Horse Hollow.