Arrivals & Departures Released


Arrivals & Departures: A Tale of Two Journeys

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES, released on 22 July 2018, is a new machinima from CEH Productions – Caledonia Skytower of the Seanchai Library, Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel and Designing Worlds, and Honey Heart of Elite Equestrian. The 15-minute film, shot in Second Life®, is based on a short story written by Caledonia and originally recorded for Fantasy Faire Radio as part of the 10th Fantasy Faire, the annual SL-based fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society.

The story was inspired by, and performed in, a superbly-imagined Steampunk-inspired spaceport created by leading virtual world creators The Looking Glass – Sharni Azalee and Marcus Inkpen – for Fantasy Faire 2018, and loaned for the shoot.


ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES presents a glimpse into two individual journeys that are brought together and shared for the last time. It is about the one who leaves, the one left behind, and the essential role of each. Though the word is never uttered in the film, it essentially addresses aspects of our attitude to death.

He has accepted the journey on which he must now embark,” says real-life professional storyteller and theatrical designer Skytower. “His last act is to pass along that which has been most important in his life to someone who is remaining behind – requesting their commitment to carry on the work.

She is dropped without warning into loss, grief, and accepting his legacy with no warning or time to become accustomed to its inevitability,” Caledonia goes on. “She must choose to be present for him in this moment, accept the commitment with which he tasks her, and be prepared to continue on – while at the same time dealing with the shock and weight of it.

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES also highlights the vital importance of storytelling, harking back to an earlier time when tales were woven into a verbal tradition that was handed down by word of mouth from one generation to the next.

Technical Director Heart re-erected the spaceport as a film set, and used a range of in-world animations and path-scripting techniques to realize the action, which was shot by Skytower and Merlin, who also performed the two lead roles. The footage was then edited conventionally by Merlin.

The project was a transatlantic collaboration, with Skytower in Washington State, Heart in Michigan and Merlin in Scotland. The soundtrack recording and production co-ordination was carried out in Skype, sharing screens while shooting, and ‘dailies’ were viewed via the cloud.

A & D Note on trans.png

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES was released on 22 July, 2018 and is available on YouTube, Vimeo, and AView.TV.  The pre-release trailer is available on Vimeo.

The theater site custom created by Honey Heart for the Sunday release, evoking the The Looking Glass Erstwhile Station setting of the machinima, will be open to the public from 7 pm Sunday evening slt through 4 pm Tuesday afternoon slt. Teleport to Silver Sands, home region of Elite Equestrian, and look for the panel to teleport you.


For further information, please contact Caledonia Skytower



CEH Productions – the people

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES is the first project that the Caledonia, Elrik, and Honey have worked on together, and they look forward to creating additional productions in the future.

CALEDONIA SKYTOWER is an artist and storyteller with over 30 years of experience as a theatrical designer, production manager, and non-profit administrator. Since 2008 she has worked as a volunteer presenting literature live in virtual worlds, logging in over 1000 hours to benefit a variety of charities, and develop engaging experiences to promote reading and literature, as part of Seanchai Library. She continues designing for the stage, works as project specialist, a small non-profit consultant, and has self-published ten titles of fiction, poetry and reflective essays.

ELRIK MERLIN has been in Second Life for over a decade. Virtually from the beginning, he has been involved with in-world media, as a DJ, a presenter (and Technical Director) on Radio Riel, and on Designing Worlds, the popular weekly TV show on design and designers in virtual worlds, which he films and edits, and co-hosts with Saffia Widdershins. He is also involved in Fantasy Faire Radio and his voice can often be heard on promos and sponsor messages, and on several of the “Tales from the Fairelands” stories that are broadcast on FFR. He has frequently taken part in in-world and radio drama over the years, with groups including the Radio Riel and Fantasy Faire Players.

HONEY HEART is the owner of two award-winning in-world companies, Ladies’ Pleasure and Elite Equestrian, where she heads a team of highly talented designers and scripters specialising in developing innovative horse avatars and accessories for equestrian enthusiasts. At the same time, she also has a design practice in real life. She originally began designing in SL because she couldn’t find tack and accessories for her and her first horse, Dancer, so she started making them herself. Then others wanted to buy what she made, and it grew from there. She finds growing a business with her partners to be the best fun in SL.


ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES was released on 22 July, 2018 and is available on:

The pre-release trailer is available on Vimeo.



The Ultimate ABC Red Carpet Sale


After years of breeding and creating top-tier ABC (Awesome Breed Creations) show horses and show and racing ponies, I’m moving on to other interests. I (and two friends) will be selling our show pets over the period of July 27-July 31st. The sale will start at 12 noon SLT on Friday and run till 9 pm SLT on Tuesday, July 31st.

Included in this sale are:

  • More than 450 ABC pet horses & ponies, including Best of Show, Reserve Best of Show, 3 Grand Champions, 1 Zeus, 1 Gotland Kirin, race-trained ponies, and many other gorgeous previous show winners.
  • My breeding & showing presentations.
  • Unreleased & custom ABC jump courses for ABC horses &  Ponies.
  • 2 raffles, one for a complete set of my ABC horse tack; the second for a complete set of my ABC pony tack.
  • 2 gachas – one for ribbons, one for trophies


Breeds included in this sale:

  • Ponies: Australian Pony, Boer, Chincoteague Pony, Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor Pony, Dulmen, Fell Pony, French Saddle Pony, Gotland, Highland, Kerry Bog, Lundy Pony, New Forest, Newfoundland Pony, POA Pony, Pottok Pony, Shetland Pony, Timor, and Welsh Pony;
  • Horses: Akhel Teke, American Saddlebred, American Standardbred, Appaloosa, Paint, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Barb, Belgian, Boulonnais, Black Forest Horse, Brabant, Drum, Friesian, Gypsy Vanner, Hanoverian, Lippizan, Lusitano, Marwari, Mongolian, Morgan, Mustang, Oldenburg, Paso Fino, Percheron, Peruvian Paso, Shire, Tennessee Walker, Thoroughbred, Trakehner, (Dutch) Warmblood.
  • Mules, mini mules, starters, specials, box, quest and CR horses.

waiting for 100.jpg

During my time breeding ABC horses and ponies, I bred and tacked more than 800 BoB, RBoB, Bis and RBiS show winners, and 3 Grand Champions. I bred racing ponies that won more than 100 purses and my Dales ponies still hold 3 speed records at the ABC track.

  • Bred the 2017 Vanity Fair Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Ponies
  • 2017 Pony Breeders Excellence Award (17 ponies qualified)
  • 2017 Overall Breeders Excellence Award (25 horses & ponies qualified)
  • Track Records, Pony Sled QL4
    ~LP~ Double Jazz, Lanz134, 12-17 Event 1177, 37.6 s
    ~LP~ Strawberry Jazz, Dark Sunflower, Event 1082, 37.73 s
    ~LP~ Strawberry Dancer, RockSalt555, Event 1165 37.82 s

Now you can have those secrets to breeding and showing in one place, with my presentations and Youtube video links.


There will be multiple unreleased ABC jump courses available in a fat pack. These  include the jump courses I created for Equine Island, Horse World, and Shadow Wynde, as well as a couple of others including a special pony course.  These are timed and sized for the ABC horse and pony and include everything needed to set up a timed jump course, all packed in handy rezzers for each course.

In addition, I am offering 2 raffles over the period of the sale. One of the raffles will be for 2 complete sets of all of my ~LP~ ABC horse tack, and one of the raffles will be for 2 complete sets of all of my ~LP~ ABC pony tack.  This includes unreleased tack that I never sold; custom sets that I made to match specific coats/eyes, and more.


The Pony Raffle set includes the following sets: bobble mane, faux tails, a display halter, buggies, sleighs, a photostudio, Amazonia, Ars Noctis, Butterflies are Free, Celtic Saddle, D-Ring Snaffle, Driving Miss Daisy, Fairyland, Flat (dressage) English Saddle, Forward English Saddle, Parade Western saddle and Show Western saddle, Hollywood Nights, Fancy Wrapper, Garden Flowers, Lily of the Valley, Luna-Sea, Native American, Peacock, Rose Harness, Shades of Hay, Saddle Flowers, SideSaddle, Sleeping Beauty, and Voodoo That You Do for a total of 275 total sets for breeds including Australian Pony, Boer, Chincoteague Pony, Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor Pony, Dulmen, Fell Pony, Highland, Kerry Bog, Lundy Pony, New Forest, Newfoundland Pony, POA Pony, Pottok Pony, Shetland Pony, and Welsh Pony. Not all sets were created for all breeds. For a complete listing of tack, please visit our Silver Sands region.

Honey jumping 11-12-2016_001.png

The Horse Raffle set includes the following sets: bobble mane, faux tails, a display halter, buggies, sleighs, a photostudio, Amazonia, Ars Noctis, Butterflies are Free, Celtic Saddle, D-Ring Snaffle, Driving Miss Daisy, Fairyland, Flat (dressage) English Saddle, Forward English Saddle, Parade Western saddle and Show Western saddle, Hollywood Nights, Fancy Wrapper, Garden Flowers, Lily of the Valley, Luna-Sea, Native American, Peacock, Rose Harness, Shades of Hay, Saddle Flowers, Sidesaddle, Sleeping Beauty, and Voodoo That You Do, Heart Mane, Harvest Home, Grackle Bridle, Mer Set, Drum Saddle, Fantasy Armor, Demi Harness, Carmen, Memories, Native Arabian, Yule B Brite, Noel Noelle,Circus Rider, Rest on Your Laurels, Diamond Mane sets (Bow, Rose, Gem-Feather, Daisy), Bad Ass Baroque, and Lucky Times for a total of 720 total sets for breeds including Akhel Teke, American Saddlebred, American Standardbred, Appaloosa, Paint, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Australian Stock Horse, Barb, Belgian, Boulonnais, Brumby, Canadian Pacer, Clydesdale, Drum, Florida Cracker, French Trotter, Friesian, Gypsy Vanner, Hackney, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Irish Sport Horse, Lippizan, Marwari, Morgan, Oldenburg, Orlov, Percheron, Peruvian Paso, Rocky Mountain Horse, Shire, Suffolk Punch, Tennessee Walker, Thoroughbred, Trakehner, (Dutch) Warmblood. Not all sets were created for all breeds. For a complete listing of tack, please visit our  Silver Sands region.


Raffle tickets are $100L per entry for the Pony sets; $200L per entry for the horse sets.  This will be the only opportunity to acquire the ~LP~ tack en masse.


The fine print to our sale:

~LP~ raffles include 1 giant box of LP tack per raffle and there are two winners per raffle. Tack sold in an as-is condition; no further warranty available. No custom work available. Ribbons/trophies may be included with individual horses or ponies. We cannot license our tack for resale. Everything is out. Once it is gone, it is gone.


Arrivals & Departures Premiere, Sunday July 22, 2018

A&D poster1-SLversion.png

We will closing the Silver Sands region to the public on Sunday, July 22, from 12 noon to 5 pm SLT in order to present the Arrivals & Departures world premiere and launch party.  This event is by invitation.

We will be opening the theater to the general public on Sunday, July 22 from 5 pm SLT until Tuesday, 4pm SLT to enable the theater experience for those interested in viewing this short film in the environment created to enhance the viewing experience.  A direct teleporter will be available in our landing point at Elite Equestrian to take visitors directly to the theater.

Arrivals & Departures is a short machinima shot entirely in the virtual world ‘Second Life.’  Written by Caledonia Skytower, and created by Caledonia Skytower, Elrik Merlin and Honey Heart, this film addresses life, death, and our society’s attitudes towards those leaving and those left behind.

The original script was inspired by the Erstwhile region first seen at Fantasy Faire 2018, and created by Marcus Inkpen, Sharni Azalee of The Looking Glass.

The loan of Erstwhile Station was graciously provided by the new owner, Carmella Santana, and by Marcus and Sharni, without whose efforts this film could not have been created. Elite Equestrian is proud to have supported the film makers’ efforts by hosting this film set on our Silver Sands region.



Elite Equestrian Customer Survey Response

We conducted a survey of our customers last month to help determine our future development activities. We would like to thank those of our customers who responded, as this will guide some of our anticipated developments in coming months.

In our survey, we asked three simple questions to get an idea of what our active customer base would like to see forthcoming from our team.

Our first question was “We are considering productizing one of our PasturePet breeds. Which would you prefer to see turned into a full avatar?” You responded Clydesdale, Andalusian, American Saddlebred, Welsh Cob, and Knabstrupper.  As it happens, we have since released the Shetland Pony, which will (probably) be our last RealHorse V2 breed release. However, we will certainly take your responses into account as we move into our NextGen development.

Our second question was “What breed would you like to see more rigged tack for?” The Friesian was the overwhelming leader, then the Lipizzan and the Lusitano, followed by the Percheron and the Gypsy Vanner. We also had requests for more tack for the Arabian, Quarter Horse and Marwari. (Just fyi, these breeds already have a large range of accessories available for them on the Marketplace and in our in-world store.)

Our third question was “What tack sets would you be most interested in purchasing?”  Rigged mesh manes were the overwhelming leader, followed by blankets, English saddles, and halters. Leg wraps, horse shoes, and bridles were also a popular response.

Since we conducted our survey in May, we have completed and released the RealHorse Shetland Pony, with a huge array of rigged and other accessories.  We have also continued development with our RealHorse NextGen, the Bento-rigged horse we’ve had in the works for the past nine months.

Considering the responses, we will be releasing some range of rigged mesh manes for the Friesian, Percheron, and Lusitano. We may, depending on our development commitments, release additional tack such as halters, feathers and blankets for the Friesian and the Percheron.   We will probably not release any of our Pet breeds for sale, given how far we are into the NextGen development. We would rather focus our efforts on this avatar rather than focusing on releasing another V2 avatar. We will certainly take into account the breed requests in our NextGen development.

Thank you again for your time in responding to the survey. It does help us pick and choose our next time commitments.


Introducing Elite Equestrian’s Party Ponies!


Bring sparkle and fun to your next children’s birthday party with Elite Equestrian’s Party Ponies!

Whether you need one to many ponies, we can provide your party with the prettiest ponies in Second life and help create lasting memories for your guests.

We’ve been providing horses and ponies to events in Second Life since 2012. Our professional staff will choose ponies best suited for your event, trailer them in, and set up your perfect pony experience. We make it easy and simple with our turn-key party pony packages.

Visit us in Silver Sands to meet our ponies and check out our Party Pony packages. Choose a theme, choose a package and let us know the day/date/time of your function, pay your deposit and relax knowing our professional pony handlers will be on site and on time!

Basic package includes 4 ponies in 1 of 3 themes on a pony ride walker for 2 hours.

Available Themes:

  • Pink Princess (Shades of pink and ample glitter!)


  • Wild West (Warpaint and Western, Pintos and Appies, oh my!)
  • Circus (Primary colors: red, yellow, blue)

Do you need something special for a special event? Please ask!

Visit our pony paradise in Silver Sands, at Elite Equestrian: The Horse Source.


50-90% Off Sale on All ~LP~ ABC Tack

We will be discontinuing the ABC tack line effective July 30, 2018.

We have reduced all of our ABC tack offerings from 50-250L. This is a reduction from 50% – 90% on all ABC tack including display halters, saddle sets, show sets, functional wagons and more.

This reduction is available only on our Marketplace.  ~LP~ Gift cards cannot be used to purchase sale-priced ABC tack.

Almost all ~LP~ tack for the ABC horse or pony is modifiable. You may or may not be able to modify this tack to fit other breeds, makes or models of horse or pony.  We can not answer any questions about whether or not it can be modified for your particular horse or pony. No customer support is available to assist with this.

After July 30th, our entire 1250 SKU line of ABC tack will be discontinued and no support will be available.



New, the RealHorse Shetland Pony!


New today, the new Elite Equestrian RealHorse Shetland Pony (and all the stuff)!

The Shetland is perhaps our favorite release to date with its adorable rolypoly body, moxie and tiny size. Falling half way between the mini/falabella and the hackney/poa ponies in size, the Shetland is a 9-hand tall pony perfect for the smaller rider. It releases with 3 riding systems, in fact, Small, Medium and Large aimed for toddler/child/grown-up avatars.


The Shetland also releases with a gorgeous fluffy rigged mane in two colors, 3 tails (1 in our full 85 texture options, 2 in colors to complement the fluffy rigged mane set which is sold separately), 26 coats, unrigged release tack, a wagon, and more. As ever, you will find all the additional bits and pieces for the pony in the ‘Extras’ button on the pony’s Gesture HUD.


The Shetland Pony also releases with more than 275 rigged mesh accessories (sold separately) to cover all your ponying needs.  Available Shetland accessories include rigged horse shoes; shipping wraps; hoof covers; bell boots; tendon boots; 4 different styles of rigged leg feathers (that work with existing ‘Fluffy Feather’ texture HUDs); 16 different rigged manes/neck accessories; 2 full blanket styles; 4 additional blanket styles; cute hip and back decoration sets; fly mask, animated nose bag, plain, bumper, Get Charmed bronco and rope halters; Pelham, Double, Snaffle, Baroque, and Split Ear western bridles; English, Western, Sidesaddle, Rosamunda, Daisy Mae, Baroque, Cavalry saddle sets; 2 harness sets; 4 Get Charmed charm gacha sets; 3 head decoration gachas the very special Fairytale halter gacha set, and last, but not least, the collectible Shetland pony gacha.


There’s a lot to love about this adorable little pony with its outsized personality. It is available in our in-world Silver Sands store and on the Marketplace.



The Great Shetland Golden Pony Hunt!


Please join us Saturday, July 7th, at 5 pm SLT in the Elite Equestrian Silver Sands region to hunt for the Golden Pony!

One Golden Pony will be hidden somewhere in our 5 public levels of our region.  The lucky finder will receive their choice of a stallion or mare Shetland Pony avatar.

We will be locking Silver Sands 30 minutes before the start of the hunt and sending home anyone who is still there so that we may hide the Golden Pony.  At 5 pm promptly, we will be opening the region to all to come hunt for the Golden Pony.


This is the hunt object.

The rules are simple:

  • The Golden Pony may be hidden anywhere in the 5 public levels of the Silver Sands region.
  • The first person to find and purchase the Golden Pony (0L) and bring it to our staff members on the 2nd level wins their choice of a male or female Shetland Pony avatar.
  • Hints will be provided through Region Communications and to the *Elite Equestrian* group during the hunt.  We recommend that you join the *Elite Equestrian* prior to the start of the hunt.

The Shetland Pony horse avatar will be released for sale to the public on Saturday, July 7th.