Pasture Pets, coming to a barn near you!

We’re pleased to announce the release of the Elite Equestrian ‘PasturePet’ – the superior way to add life and energy to your Second Life landholding.

The Elite Equestrian PasturePet is an adoptable RealHorse that can live in your barn or stable, or on your farm, paddock or estate, where it adds its own brand of charm and whimsy through its natural, realistic horse sounds and movements. Every PasturePet comes with its own tack and is fully detailed. PasturePets can be ridden and interacted with using a special interactive riding system.


Adopting a PasturePet is easy – just come to the adoption barn full of available PasturePets that are all ready to be adopted and choose the one you like. Then, simply pay its feed bucket. We will be in touch right away to find out where you want your Pet to live and to trailer your new Pet over. It’s that simple!


Your new PasturePet will stay with you for as long as you pay its feed bucket. There are no hidden fees and you are not required to purchase an avatar or to set it up. Elite Equestrian retains ownership of the PasturePet and will handle all aspects of its veterinary care. If you can’t keep your PasturePet, simply let its feed bucket run out and we will trailer the PasturePet back to the barn. If you would like a new or different one, choose from the available Pets, adopt the one you’d like, and let us know you want your feed transferred from your old to your new PasturePet. It’s easy!

Follow this link to see our current PasturePets™ and RealHorse Ramblers™.  Ready to adopt? Here are our currently available PasturePets. To visit the PasturePets who are ready to be adopted now, please visit us at Elite Equestrian in Silver Sands. You can see the PasturePets who are ready to come home with you today!

And here are some PasturePets™ that have already found a happy home.

PasturePet Choices:

1. Choose your horse from available adoptable pets (those in stalls can be delivered immediately; additional choices require a 24-hour turn around and may require a customization fee)

2. Pay its feedbucket.

3. Tell us when and where to trailer the PasturePet

Don’t see the perfect horse? We are happy to customize a horse for you using any of our currently available breeds. Contact us (EliteEquestrian Resident) via IM or notecard to discuss your precise requirements.

*Elite Equestrian* PasturePet Costs:

Weekly Feed Bill:

$500L/wk or $1500L/4 weeks (Pay 3 weeks, receive 1 free week)

*Your weekly feed cost is paid to each horse’s feed bucket. This is your weekly or monthly Pasture Pet subscription. Each Pet has its own feed bucket. Feed Buckets cannot be combined.

Choose from our currently available Pets for no additional cost.  A PasturePet customized to your taste costs $1,000L for set up. We will ask that you work with one of our CSRs who can best help you design your horse.

PasturePets Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a Pasture Pet?
An Elite Equestrian PasturePet is an avatar bot that wears one of our 23 breeds of horse, foal, cow, Kaiila or bull avatars. It is kept logged in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the time it is adopted.

2. What is involved in a Pasture Pet?
Two decisions (to get one, and then which one); two permanent prims on your land, and the ability to invite one of our staff members to your land group (temporarily) to install your riding system and trailer your PasturePet to you.

3. Do I own my Pasture Pet?
Elite Equestrian retains full ownership of the PasturePet avatar account and avatar and accessories used to create the PasturePet.

4. What is required?
PasturePets require that you either have some sort of SecondLife land – whether it be a parcel or full sim – with the ability to give one of our staff members temporary rez rights and the ability to deed the PasturePet’s pose stand to the land group OR have made arrangements with us or our trusted associates to board your horse with them.

5. What are the technical specifications of the PasturePet
PasturePets have variable Avatar Render Weight depending on the skin, hair and size of the breed. Most PasturePet ARC ranges from 35,000 complexity to 150,000 complexity with some being under and others being over. PasturePets have 29-40 scripts and memory usage of 1,100-2,700 kb, memory time of 0.008-0.029 ms, and consume 2 LI and 1 avatar slot in a region.

6. Can I rent to own or what if I want to buy my Pet?
We cannot transfer the account to a new owner, so you cannot rent to own a PasturePet.
However, if you want to own a RealHorse bot, you can create an account of your own and purchase the horse avatar and any additional accessories for it, and set up an account with a bot hosting company (we recommend SmartBot). We have created a list of requirements as well as a step-by-step process to making your own RealHorse model bot.

7. Can I skip adopting and just buy a Pet?
Yes! See question 6.

8. What can I do with my Pet?
• Put it on your land to generate energy and excitement
• Use it to increase visitor’s length of stay on your commercial property
• Show it in an Elite Equestrian PasturePet show and win ribbons and (possibly) a trophy!
• Ride and interact with it.
• Use it as a Rambler.

9. Why do people get Pets?
PasturePets add a lively component to any Second Life land installation as they randomly change their animations and neigh and whinny. Visitors increase the length of their stay in our regions as they engage with our horses, riding them or just sitting on their backs. PasturePets are pleasantly calming (just like a real horse), and we often find visitors just sitting in our barns with our PasturePets, enjoying the Pets’ pleasant, drama-free company.

10. What breeds can I choose from?
You can choose to adopt any of our seventeen available avatar breeds or our six Limited Edition PasturePet breeds.
Our breeds of horses include: Crabbet Arabian, Straight Egyptian Arabian, Falabella, Friesian, Gypsy Vanner, Lusitano, Lipizzan, Marwari, Quarter Horse, Cleveland Bay, Percheron, Miniature Horse, Falabella, Hackney, Trakehner, POA, or Shetland Pony. Our Limited Edition breeds include: Morgan, American Saddlebred, Brabant, Knabstrupper, Welsh, and Clydesdale.

11. Do you have other animals I can adopt?
Yes, you may adopt an *EE* Kaiila, an ~LP~ Cow, ~LP~ Bull or an ~LP~ Foal.

12. Are there other options to use with my PasturePets?
Yes, we offer a range of accessories to make your PasturePet more engaging and interactive. These include things like our Pony Walker, Round Pen Rider, or Paddock Rambler.

13. Can my PasturePet walk around?
For an additional charge, your PasturePet can be made to move around. Please contact EliteEquestrian for more information.

14. Can I ride my PasturePet?
Yes, you can!

15. Can I teleport my PasturePet?
Yes, you can! When you lease a PasturePet, you receive a HUD to teleport your PasturePet around Second Life, change its base pose set, and more.

Want to know more? Please visit us at the PasturePets barn in Silver Sands, where you may visit with our currently available PasturePets who are ready to come home with you!