Adopt A PasturePet!


Her Wicked Ways is an 11-year-old American Saddlebred mare.  Wicked is a skewbald American Saddlebred with charm and charisma galore! Her high stepping gaits are sure to catch anyone’s attention as she prances around the show ring.  This 5-gaited beauty’s flashy bloodline and athletic talent are only matched by her sweet temper and fondness for mints. Her Wicked Ways is available.


Charity is a 12-year-old chestnut American Paint Horse. Charity puts his whole heart into everything he does. He is rock solid and dependable… but also very clever! He knows how to turn on the charm to get everyone to empty their pockets of treats and put them all riiiight in his bucket where they belong!

Dreaming of Gold is an 8 year-old palomino Saddlebred mare with flash and sparkle. She may be ridden and cuddled and is available for short or long term lease.

Shalamar is a 12-year-old white Percheron stallion, trained to ride and drive. He is available for long term lease.

Belle is a 14-year-old white Marwari mare.  Belle was trained at the Elite Riding Academy and has been brought along to work under saddle. She is wholly bomb proof and remarkably gentle for such a large horse. Her favorite treats are spearmint Starlights and she will graciously hoover up all offered treats with her dainty whiskery muzzle.

Bay Rum Royal is a bay Clydesdale mare who was most recently in service at the Dickens Project in LEA 7. She is available for short term leases only.


Sugar Plum is as sweet as she is round. This laid-back 9-year-old Brabant mare prefers to spend her days loafing about the pasture. She is more than happy to offer her services as the world’s coziest couch, and will happily carry you and the whole family anywhere you wish to go. Sugar Plum is available.

Rhapsody is a 7-year-old black American Saddlebred mare. Rhapsody is an elegant high-stepping mare who is very friendly and attentive. She is a very flashy girl, but is also kind and likes cuddles! She enjoys relaxing in the paddock when she is not strutting her stuff in the arena. Rhapsody has been adopted and lives comfortably with many other horses.

Strawberry is a 14-year-old bright sorrel Shetland Pony mare.  Strawberry has lived most of her life as a trail riding horse, lesson horse, and broodmare. She was never built for speed or agility and after having a few foals she was retired to the paddock for months. Stable hands started taking her out on trail rides and she proved herself as a sturdy, attentive, and gentle mare. She is partial to neck rubs and enjoys peppermints.

Blackberry is a 6 -year-old black Shetland stallion who is eager and willing.  Young and high spirited, he loves to be first.

Bandit is a 12-year-old Shetland stallion bred locally and trained at the Elite Riding Academy. His classic bay coat and active demeanor make for a highly entertaining entry in the show ring, and his eagerness to work is exceeded only by her athleticism. Bandit has been trained to both drive and ride and while he excels in both finer harness and in pleasure driving, he also makes an enjoyable trail ride.

Liebchen is a sweet-natured, 14-year-old bay Shetland Pony mare. Gentle and kind, she can daintily pluck a morsel from the tiniest hand and yet is tough enough to hold her own in a herd of heavy haulers.

Sparkle is an elegant high-stepping pony who is very friendly and attentive. She is a very flashy girl, but is also kind and likes cuddles! She enjoys relaxing in the paddock when she is not strutting her stuff. Sparkle  is an 8-year-old piebald Shetland pony mare.