These Pasture Pets Are Adopted


Butterscotch is an 11-year-old Welsh Section D cob.  Her bright buckskin coat makes her stand out on the trail or in the field.  Butterscotch is an honest, hard working mare. She has been many kids “first ride” and is a veteran of many a summer camp. She spends the off season relaxing in the barn or out in the pasture but will never pass up an opportunity to try to sneak a sugar cube away from passing people! Butterscotch is currently adopted.

Catherine is a strong young Clydesdale mare who is nearly always by her mentor, Catherine. She is newer to life on the road but enjoys the new experiences. If she finds herself uneasy, the presence of her trail buddy calms her down. With every ride out she finds herself more eager to pack a rider and share the trail experience with them.

Daisy is a laid back mare who doesn’t hesitate to stop and smell the flowers… and take a nibble or two while she’s there! This lovely lady is always happy to see people, and eager for any attention people choose to give her. Always eager to please, she does very well under saddle and adores the time shared with her owner.


Dickens is an 8-year-old piebald Friesian Sport Horse. If you are looking to turn heads, then Dickens is the true king of the show ring, proving a horse can be flashy and functional. He has a promising start as a three-day eventer and is always the talk of the showgrounds. He’s hard to miss as he effortlessly clears every obstacle and conquers every challenge put before him.

Elizabeth of Canterwell is a regal, aged Clydesdale mare who takes pride in her work. She has logged many ‘miles’ under saddle and traversed much terrain in her time and nothing seems to phase her. She loves to listen to her rider’s conversations as they chatter away while she plods along steadily down the trail. She is rarely seen without her ‘trail buddy’ Catherine.

Eternal Snow (Snow) is a 12-year-old Shetland Pony mare. Snow is a beautiful white Shetland who has been very well trained in dressage. She was a lesson horse for several years and taught many little girls how to ride. She is a seasoned show horse. She loads, bathes, is easy to handle and has impeccable manners. Snow has been adopted and has a wonderful home with other horses.


Finnegan is an 18-year-old dappled dapple Percheron gelding looking for the perfect retirement home (with lots of treats)!  He gets along well with other horses and loves being groomed. He bathes, ties, and stands for the vet/farrier. This sweet and funny guy is sure to put a smile on your face! Finnegan is part of a hitch with Watson and has been adopted.


Frosty is a 15-year-old light dapple gray Andalusian mare. Frosty is a sweet little mare that enjoys every cuddle she can get. Great with kids and adults, she has never met someone she doesn’t like. Her fur is soft and plush and her demeanor is sure to warm your heart… and your barn!


Magic is 7-year-old skewbald American Saddlebred mare. Bring a little Magic into the barn… with Magic! This cheeky mare is as mischievous as she is beautiful. Talented and Athletic, she shows at all the top tier shows across the grid. But when she is not working, she will keep herself busy by unlatching her stall door and helping herself to all the carrots she can eat! Magic is currently available.


Mystic Midnight is a 10-year-old black Friesian who served as ‘Daredevil’, the horse ridden by the Headless Horseman in the Designing World’s reenactment of Irving Washington’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow.  Mystic is a mischievous, loving, and playful Friesian stallion with a commanding presence.  He is EXTREMELY handsome, with a teddy bear disposition!  He is in above average health, up to date on shots and dental work, and is in great condition. Mystic is currently available.


Her Wicked Ways is an 11-year-old American Saddlebred mare.  Wicked is a skewbald American Saddlebred with charm and charisma galore! Her high stepping gaits are sure to catch anyone’s attention as she prances around the show ring.  This 5-gaited beauty’s flashy bloodline and athletic talent are only matched by her sweet temper and fondness for mints. Her Wicked Ways is available.


Charity is a 12-year-old chestnut American Paint Horse. Charity puts his whole heart into everything he does. He is rock solid and dependable… but also very clever! He knows how to turn on the charm to get everyone to empty their pockets of treats and put them all riiiight in his bucket where they belong!

Dreaming of Gold is an 8 year-old palomino Saddlebred mare with flash and sparkle. She may be ridden and cuddled and is available for short or long term lease.


Sugar Plum is as sweet as she is round. This laid-back 9-year-old Brabant mare prefers to spend her days loafing about the pasture. She is more than happy to offer her services as the world’s coziest couch, and will happily carry you and the whole family anywhere you wish to go. Sugar Plum is available.

Blackberry is a 6 -year-old black Shetland stallion who is eager and willing.  Young and high spirited, he loves to be first.

Liebchen is a sweet-natured, 14-year-old bay Shetland Pony mare. Gentle and kind, she can daintily pluck a morsel from the tiniest hand and yet is tough enough to hold her own in a herd of heavy haulers.

Fuego is a 15-year-old bay Shetland Pony.  Fuego is friendly and curious – he is easy to catch and enjoys being groomed. Fuego was once a working ranch pony but it is now his turn to retire. He makes a wonderful pasture pet – he is very friendly and easy to handle!

Holly is a mare that enjoys only the finest in life. She will patiently stand for hours while being groomed, as though she knows with each brush stroke her coat gleams brighter and brighter. She can be a picky eater- her treat of choice: Spearmints. She may give you a rather nasty face if you try to give her a Peppermint. She knows when the spotlight is on her and always puts her best hoof forward.

Joker is a stout, sneaky little American Paint Horse gelding. He has ways to get what he wants. When he thinks no one is watching he may flip his door latch, freeing himself to the buffet that awaits him in the feed room. Despite his penchant for snacking, he is a quick, peppy gelding and a focused riding horse… but sometimes he does have a trick up his sleeve!


Silver Minx is a 10-year-old dapple gray Percheron mare. Slow and steady sets the pace… and nobody knows that better than Silver Minx. She is a trusty, steady horse and enjoys giving a lift to her two-legged friends. She doesn’t require a “fare” to be paid for her services… but is grateful for a mint or two for a job well done! Minx is a proud carriage horse who has been happily adopted by a loving crew!

Watson is a Black Roan Percheron mare who is in service and not available for lease.

Bourbon is a 17-year-old, gentle Clydesdale stallion that has worked as a carriage horse in a tourist town, walking the paved streets all day with a wagon of chatty tourists in tow. After years of service this lovely sabino chestnut lady is looking forward to a happy retirement in a cozy stable or pasture.

******** Region Horses – not available for lease *******

Sugar is a dapple grey straight Egyptian Arabian who is not available for lease. Sugar is currently in service as a brood mare with her saucy son, Domino.

Gloriana of Canterwell; Hecate of Fallenhoof; Iseult of Canterwell; and Penumbra of Fallenhoof are Helios pintos who serve on our Cinderella Coach team. They may be visited in Cherry Island where you may ride in their coach. They are not available for lease.

Brandy of Canterwell and Whiskey of Canterwell are a pair of matched white Cleveland Bay mares. Their public service includes serving as part of the team sent to Angel Manor from December 2017-January 2018 in memory of Countess Lisa Valentino. They are currently serving in Silver Sands as part of our Ballroom venue service.

Rambling Rose  is a sorrel Shetland Pony mare who is not available for lease.