Announcing the Release of the RealHorse™


We are pleased to announce the release of the ~LP~ RealHorse™ horse breed avatars on Friday, November 20, 2015 at 10 am SLT.

Designed to be simple and easy to use, the RealHorse™ comes with a full AO, gesture HUD, riding system, texture HUDs for additional coat options, and functional genitalia.

The ~LP~ RealHorse™ features accurate gaits and animations; a riding system with synced rider/horse animations; and a fluid mesh that moves so well, you will swear the horse has muscles moving under its skin. In early releases, RL equestrians who have ridden this horse uniformly agree that riding one ‘feels like being in the saddle in real life.’

The ~LP~ RealHorse™ is a highly detailed mesh quad avatar with both breed and gender differentiation already built in. Prior horse avatars provided a generic “horse” that had to be modified in order to best simulate a desired breed characteristic. As a result, much of the unrigged tack previously had to be made loosely to fit the generic shapes as well as all of their potential shape changes.

The ~LP~ RealHorse™ is starting with Arabian mare and stallion avatars and Cleveland Bay mare and stallion avatars. Each has unique body curves and sizes. All of our rigged tack and accessories flow with those different shapes in body-hugging tightness. That’s right – much of the tack and accessories is rigged to accentuate the realism and flow of these beautiful horses.

To ensure the best experience, we highly recommend you leave the basic shape alone. Don’t touch it. We have other breeds in the works that will be available in the not-too-distant future. And each will have its very own, tightly fitting, free-flowing tack and accessories.

Specific Permissions of the parts of the ~LP~ RealHorse™:

  •  All Scripting and Animations are Copy/No Modify/No Transfer.
  •  Eyelids, bouncing balls & cock are Copy/Mod
  •  Gesture HUD, Genital HUDs, AO, Riding System are Copy/Mod
  •  Body/Ears/Eyes are Copy/No Modify/No Transfer.
  •  Base shape & alpha layer: Copy/No Modify/No Transfer.

The avatar retails for $4499 for each breed/gender. We will be releasing the Cleveland Bay Mare, Cleveland Bay Stallion, Arabian Mare and Arabian Stallion.

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