New Today, Clover Garlands

Perfect to decorate your PasturePet, RealHorse Rambler or RealHorse and just in time for spring, these Clover Garlands fit the size classes of the RealHorse. Available sized for the minis, ponies, horses, Friesian and draft RealHorse, they are available in-world in our Cherry Island store as well as on the Marketplace.



Introducing the New RealHorse Pre-Set Pets


The new Elite Equestrian RealHorse Pre-Set Pet is a full, completely developed avatar characters that comes out of the delivery box exactly as shown in the ad.

Buy and Be in under a minute.

Your purchase includes everything that you see in the ad, and more. Each Pre-Set Pet includes the complete sets of each item except where we have included parts that we do not sell in our regular sales catalog.

We have created a completely finished character that is easy for you to use whether for yourself or for an alt account to use as a bot or RP character. Simply BUY the Pet (for yourself or as a gift). When the delivery box arrives, ADD the delivery box (it will default to the center of your screen as a HUD). CLICK the delivery box HUD and ACCEPT the folder. Find it in your inventory and DRAG that folder onto your avatar to become the character depicted in the ad.

It is that simple and that easy.

Other things to know….on your Pre-Set Pet Gesture HUD (upper left hand corner of your screen) is a button called ‘Click for Extras’. That button contains complete boxed copies of all of our open stock items used to create the Pre-Set Pet (the avatar, accessories, usually hair, and so on.) Click this button to obtain a clean copy of the horse used to create your character, as well as the texture HUDs and originals of the accessories used with your Pre-Set Pet.

What else? Some Pre-Set Pets include items that are not in our open stock. These may be fantasy accessories such as horns/wings/specialty tails as well as more traditional tack items that we do not, for whatever reason, sell on their own, such as white harnesses, seasonal or holiday bridle rosettes, or special mane and tail decorations. You will not find copies of these in your gesture HUD, so make sure you save your delivery box to keep a clean copy of your non-standard items.


Turning your Pre-Set Pet into a PasturePet, Rambler, or more….

The Pre-Set Pets are specifically designed to be used with a bot account. You can of course use it as an avatar for yourself and have hours of fun with it, but it was intended to be a fast, simple, easy way for our clients to have a type of Pet to use as in their regions as a carriage horse on a Rambler or Rotator; a group inviter; visitor attraction; lively region decoration or all of these things.

To use it as a bot, make an alt (alternate) account. Then purchase the Pre-Set Pet for that account, either directly with the account or purchase it as a gift to that account. Log your alt account in and change your appearance by simply ADDING the delivery box, CLICK the delivery box HUD, ACCEPT the folder, and then DRAG that folder onto your avatar to become the character depicted in the ad.

Buy and Be in under a minute.

Then log your alt account out and turn it into an NPC model bot through your choice of bot company. We like SmartBots for their ease of use and web dashboard. You can even set your bot up at the store through our SmartBots terminal!

Use one of the available PasturePet accessories sets like the Ramblers or Rotators to add life to your region with your new Pet!




Introducing the Elite Equestrian Events Hippodrome!


We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest equestrian facility, the Elite Equestrian Events Hippodrome.


The Hippodrome, located in the Eldergrove region in Second Life, includes a full horse show facility for the RealHorse PasturePets and other NPCs; a hunter course, jump curse, and the Elite Equestrian Stadium with stadium jumping, dressage and more. In addition, we have moved our formal ballroom to the Hippodrome for our future formal events.


The Hippodrome is intended for use by the RealHorse horse breed avatars and non-playing characters such as our PasturePets, Ramblers and Bespoke RealHorses.  While all horses and riders are welcome to visit and experience the Hippodrome, only RealHorses may participate in our formal structured events.


The Hippodrome may be visited in Eldergrove.


RealHorse PasturePet Horse Show


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new horse show for all RealHorse NPCs: PasturePets, RealHorse Ramblers, Bespoke RealHorses, and RealHorse model bots.  This new horse show is intended to let NPC horse owners show off their beauties in a special horse show facility.

The PasturePet Horse Show will be held the third Sunday of every month with ribbons awarded and winners’ pictures taken at 11 am SLT that day.

January’s show will be held Sunday, January 18th-21st, with prizes awarded and pictures taken at 11 am SLT on Sunday.


How the Show is judged and prizes awarded:

Each entrant will receive a temporary shed assignment, which includes 75 prims with which to decorate their display.  Judging is conducted in the size classes (Pony, Horse, Draft) and is based on 1. the RealHorse NPC; 2. the creativity of the entry’s shed decorations; and 3. overall design of how the horse and decorations work together. Two independent nonpartisan judges will score each entry, awarding it 0-100 points.  Their scores will be averaged to produce a final score which will determine placement in the size category and overall show.  Highest scores win.


In the size classes, winners 2-6 receive a wearable garland for their RealHorse NPC, display ribbons, $200L Elite Equestrian  gift card, and a picture plaque.  First place in the size class receives a trophy, a wearable garland for their RealHorse NPC, display ribbons, $500L Elite Equestrian gift card, and a picture plaque. Reserve Best in Show winner receives a special garland for their RealHorse NPC, a RBIS display ribbon, display pose stand, and a $750L Elite Equestrian gift card. The Best in Show winner receives a special garland for their RealHorse NPC, a BIS display ribbon, trophy, display pose stand, a $1000L Elite Equestrian gift card, and one month’s free Hay Bill for their RealHorse NPC.

How the PasturePet show works:

Eligible entries must register on our on-line entry form in advance of the show. Entries open one week before the show and close when the show is full or by the Thursday before, whichever comes first.  Entered horses must be in their stalls in the show ground by Thursday, 3 pm SLT and remain there for the duration of the show. Judging will take place Friday-Saturday.  Winners will be announced on Sunday.


Rules and other fine details:

1. Entry limited to RealHorse NPC horses. They may be owned or leased by the entering participant. (You may enter your leased PasturePet, RealHorse Rambler, or BeSpoke RealHorse or your own NPC RealHorse character).

2. A blank shed ‘sleeve’ is provided to help you size your entry.  Please keep all entries General/PG/mature.  Please keep all decorations within the footprint of the shed sleeve. Please keep all decorations under 20m in height. Please limit your use of scripts and keep textures under 512 pixels for prims and 1024 for mesh.  Please, no particle scripts of any sort. You may use animated mesh, but please watch your ARC.

3. You can make decorations that are worn by your horse to expand your prim limit. Be aware of your avatar render weight for your horse. If the judge cannot see your horse, they cannot judge it!

4. Prim overages will dock your score 5 points per prim that you are over limit.

5. Decorations may not cover the shed signboards.

6. One (1) notecard giver will be provided in which show management will put any details you provide about your horse/entry when you completed your entry form.

7. There are three size classes. Entries in each Size Class will be judged for First-Sixth places in that size class. Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show will be chosen based on the highest scores in total, regardless of their size class. Owners may enter 1 RealHorse NPC in each class (Pony, Horse, Draft).  If the class does not fill, then that class may open for additional entries.

  • Pony: Miniature Horse, Falabella, POA Ponies, Hackneys. Also minimules/donkeys.
  • Horse: All 15.2 breeds, Gypsy Vanner + the unreleased breeds (Andalusian, American Saddlebred, Knabstrupper, Welsh Cob Section D)
  • Draft: Percheron, Friesian + the unreleased breeds (Brabant, Clydesdale)

8. You do not need to be the creator of your shed decorations. Most people will want to be, but if you want to hire or ask a friend to make it for you that is fine, too. You MUST be the owner of any decorations you plan to rez on the showgrounds.

9. Don’t have a PasturePet but want to show? No problem! we have PasturePets available for lease, some even at the showground salesground ready to go!

10. Final, final very fine print. Pick up a PasturePets show kit at the show grounds to help you with your entry. It includes a notecard with UUIDs for the show sheds, a slurl for your NPC, a builder’s guide shell for the show sheds, plus the show rules and prize list.


Ready to register?

  1. Click here for the entry form!
  2. Load your RealHorse NPC into the trailer and take it to the show grounds.
  3. Find your show shed, and put your RealHorse NPC in it by Thursday 5 pm SLT before the show.
  4. Decorate!
  5. Wait impatiently for the awards ceremony….



Changes, Renovations, New Things…


Watch out for the flying trees!

We have a lot of new things we’re working on and of course, we are bringing in the Spring!

This weekend, we will finish changing Cherry Island and Tamarillo Island to Spring from Winter. The Troika has been retired for another year and there’s a pair of Ramblers pulling one of our newest innovations, the Cuddle Cart.  Beware of flying shrubs and trees as we finish both the change over as well as some planned renovations to these islands.

We have removed the old Dressage Court (more on that in a bit) and will be removing the in-world, Cherry Island ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ store on Friday, January 12. [If you currently have ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ gift cards, use them before the store vanishes for the widest range of products. While we will still have in-world vendor presence, we will not offer the majority of our clothing in in-world vendors.] We will be replacing the jump course this weekend with a new course; weekly show jumping continues, and this is a great chance to win *Elite Equestrian* gift cards as well as ribbons and picture plaques.

What else is in the works? We have several new PasturePet and Rambler products that are close to release, including partial-to-full region Rambler sets, new Preset Pets, cuddler carts and more.  We will be offering Limited Edition Preset Pets, that may include some of the 7 breeds of RealHorse that we never released. We will also be presenting the PasturePet Horse Show for all NPC RealHorses.  Our first show will be held January 21, details to follow!


We also have a very new venue project, Elite Equestrian Events, that we will be launching in the next week.  It’s big, it’s exciting, it’s coming very soon…and it’s where our monthly Dressage Freestyle Show and new monthly PasturePets Horse Show will be held.

Elite Equestrian Events Stadium.png