About Horse Show World


Horse Show World has been designed to emulate a world-class horse show experience, in Second Life, with a focus on competition.

All are welcome to visit Horse Show World, however, our equestrian facilities are designed to showcase the ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ RealHorse™ horse breed avatars, and only the RealHorse may compete in our formal competitions.

Facilities at Horse Show World are designed to enhance our show and race activities. Competition facilities include a stadium, show barn, race track, management office, talent paddock, and more.  The Management Office is where it all starts: Learn more about our teams, including our dressage and harness teams, competitions and events; check-in your horse with the show vet; or use the teleporters to reach your personal VIP box.

Our day/evening stadium includes VIP boxes, digital scoring, and day and evening lighting for Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Halter and Under Saddle competitions.  Our show barn includes 31 show stalls, an indoor riding arena, wash rack and treadmill, as well as a hot walker and trainer facilities immediately adjacent.

Our 9-gate race track includes options for trotting & pacing harness, flat (horse & pony) and steeplechase racing on a non-traditional, full region track.  The talent paddock allows a limited number of serious equine competitors the opportunity to offer themselves to potential riders, trainers or owners.

Additional facilities include vendor tents; ‘The Winner’s Circle’; and other areas of interest.

While Horse Show World is not a roleplay sim, those who enjoy roleplay may certainly do so; just understand that not everyone in the region may be interested in playing along.

Horse Show World has been created for the express purpose of providing the RealHorse™ with the ultimate in horse show experiences in Second Life.

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