Race Meet Winners, February 13, 2016

Jake, Tejanaa, Cherry, Trotting Race, 2-13-2016T

Trotting Race:

  1. Jake
  2. Tejanaa
  3. Cherry
  4. Spirit

Sutra, Cherry, Tejanaa, Pacing 2-13-2016

Pacing Race:

  1. Sutra Royale
  2. Cherry
  3. Tejanaa
  4. Spirit

Tejanaa, Whirly, Cherry, Flat Racing, 2-13-2016

Flat Race:

  1. Tejanaa
  2. Whirly
  3. Cherry
  4. Jake

Cherry, Whirly, Jake, Steeplechase, 2-13-2016


  1. Cherry
  2. Whirly
  3. Jake
  4. Sutra Royale

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