New Today, Carts & More for the POA Pony

New on the Marketplace and in our in-world Cherry Island store, 3 versions of pony cart, a gig and a spider phaeton.  Fit to the POA Pony, these carts include the gaits and animations.   Gig and carts have room for one pony and a driver, and the spider phaeton has room for 1 pony, 1 driver and a passenger.  Try before you buy, there are rezzers available in Cherry Island.

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Also new, 2 new styles of unrigged mesh tails, the Clubbed and the Polo tails. Both horse and pony sizes are included, and these are texture scripted with 75 different hair options.E-RH-Polo-Tail-Set.JPG


And, finally, animated rigged mesh licking tongues for all four breeds, on the MP and in our Cherry Island store.

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