New Today, the Grand National Sidesaddle Suite of Products

New today, the Grand National Sidesaddle system components – Rigged mesh sidesaddle apron set, human riding habits, sidesaddle hair style, animated parasols, and whip randomizer.

The Grand National Sidesaddle components include everything from the skin out and the ground up – synced sidesaddle riding systems, rigged mesh sidesaddle aprons for the RealHorse,  rigged sidesaddles, riding habits, sidesaddle parasols, animated whips and so much more, all in a special sidesaddle boutique.

This is a comprehensive suite of products designed to work together to create a fully functional sidesaddle experience.  Sidesaddle is the hottest new horse experience in RL, and now you can experience it in SL the way it should be.  Please note that the equine products are designed to work with the RealHorse 15.2 breeds (Arabian, Egyptian Arabian, Cleveland Bay, Quarter Horse, Lipizzan) and will not work with other makes or models of horse.

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