Labor Day Costumed Freestyle Dressage Show

Snapshot _ _Elite Equestrian_, Cherry Island (169, 108, 25) - A.png

Calling all RealHorses and their riders!

Please join us on Monday, September 4th at 12 noon SLT at the Dressage Court in Cherry Island for the first of several costumed freestyle dressage shows.

The rules are simple: you need a RealHorse and a human rider. Choose your theme, create a performance (start with one of our existing tests or create your own!), add music if you wish and then show up to strut your stuff under the spotlights at Cherry Island.

Rules (sigh, yes rules): Please limit your ride to no more than 10 minutes. RealHorses only; yes, you must have a rider in costume to complement the horse’s costume.  If you wish to set your freestyle to music, you need to provide a stream URL by 10 am Monday.  Performances should incorporate walk, trot, canter and 1 or more lateral movements plus one or more pirouettes.  If you need a particular color of spotlight or if you prefer no spotlight, let us know so we can set that for you.  Otherwise, just show up 15 minutes before show time and we’ll assign you an order of go.

On nudity or as bare as you dare – we’re grownups. This is an adult sim. You can be as bare as you dare or as covered as you care.  There will be no body shaming if you decide to ride skyclad. There will also be no juvenile avatars (of any species) allowed on the sim during the show.

This is intended to be a fun event, so we will not be judging on the basis of how well riders and horses perform. We will have participation ribbons for all horses/riders who enter and we will award a trophy and ribbon for best turned out and for the best ridden performance.

If you need something special, drop a notecard to H0neyHeart Resident with your name and your request (music stream URL, spotlight color, etc) and we’ll do our best to help.

Please don’t panic – remember this is a fun event!



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