Win a FREE Marwari Horse Avatar!


Hunt to win a FREE Marwari Horse Avatar!

We will be hiding Golden Horse models in our 5-level region throughout the Memorial Day weekend.  We will hide one Golden Horse at a time. A new Golden Horse hunt object will be hidden after each new winner. Five Golden Horses in total will be hidden, just waiting for the lucky finder!

Each Golden Horse may be redeemed directly to Elite Equestrian for a full Marwari Horse avatar of their preferred gender along with a customized rigged halter tag with the Golden Horse #.

The usual fine print: Five Marwaris will be given away. The hunt is FREE to enter.  Only one Marwari will be awarded per account. Golden Horses will be hidden during our usual working hours throughout the weekend as each previous Horse is found. The hunt object is a GOLDEN HORSE and may be hidden anywhere on our five levels.  We will close and lock the region as we are hiding the next hunt object.

The Golden Horse Hunt starts at 3 pm SLT Saturday, May 26.


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