Elite Equestrian @ Acacia Falls

Elite Equestrian Horse Stables and Boarding is looking towards it’s Grand Opening at Acacia Falls RP Community.

Address: 1022 Oak Hills Lane, Whispering Mountain

elite equestrian af horse stable_001

The grand opening is coming!  Watch for more information.

elite equestrian af horse stable_002

The grounds are beautiful and peaceful.  Come by and enjoy the beauty that is this place.

elite equestrian af horse stable_004

No where to board your horse or pony?  Come rent a stall at the stable 150L for 100 prims!

elite equestrian af horse stable_008

Stall rentals, pony parties, weddings, funerals, parades, riding lessons both private and public and more can be found here!

Pasture Pets can be found here!!!  Leasing is easy and it’s only 500L per week.

elite equestrian af horse stable_012

This is the lovely Oreo!  She is a stunning Shetland pony with a colorful unicorn’s horn.

elite equestrian af horse stable_013 Our breathtaking Belle is waiting to go home with you.  She is a gorgeous Marwari and her presence is elegant and beguiling.  Come by and lease her today!

elite equestrian af horse stable 14_001This is Sugarplum.  She is a gorgeous Clydesdale just waiting for your love and affection.

elite equestrian af horse stable_010

Meet Strawberry.  She is a darling pony and she’s waiting for you!  Come enjoy how sweet she is!

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