New, Arabian Model Collectible Gacha


New today in our in-world Silver Sands store, the Arabian Horse  Model Collectible gacha.  These 1:7 scale models showcase the Straight Egyptian Arabian in classic poses, including a show stance, a proud stand, rearing, trotting, prancing, and the Spanish Walk.


Prizes include 30 commons (Bay, Golden Chestnut, Black, Dark Dapple and Dapple Gray in all 6 poses); 7 Rares (Rabicano Sorrel Rearing, Rabicano Chestnut Show Stance, Rabicano Classic Bay Proud, Rabicano Mahogany Bay Trotting, Rabicano Light Bay Prancing and Rabicano Dark Dapple Bay Spanish Walk plus a special model display); and 4 Ultrarares (Mature gray Dancer in Show Stance, dark dapple gray Cherry in Show Stance, albino white Ele in Proud stand, and rose gray Lillian in Proud stand).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Gacha is 50L a pull and is located in the entry to the Elite Equestrian store in Silver Sands.








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