At Last! Stop the ‘Dance of the Heads!


New this week on the Marketplace and in our in-world, Cherry Island store, the Gesture Randomizer HUD.

The HUD is designed to add personality to your horse and to stop the ‘dance of the heads’ that occurs when two or more horses are together for any length of time, as their AOS synchronize and play the same base animations.  The HUD plays its own set of randomly selected animations from pre-built sets, or from sets that the HUD owner can create for themselves following the simple instructions included here.

*** About this new HUD:
The *E* Gesture Randomizer HUD is a simple multi-button HUD with 5 buttons.

1. The top button is a golden arrow that minimizes the HUD to swing it out of the way or to maximize the HUD to let the wearer control the HUD.
2. The second button is the on/off button – when it is green it is on and the animation/sound sets will play per the designer’s options; when it is green the HUD is turned off.
3. The menu button is the third button (it has little crossed tools). The menu button is the most important button  it allows the owner to set the time between each sound or animation; select a gesture set; install new gesture sets with the *E* Autoinstaller; refresh the gesture set; and get this Help notecard.


4. The fourth button is the reset button – it resets the entire HUD and loads the default notecard.
5. The fifth button is the Gesture button – click that to play the next gesture.

*** How to use the Gesture Randomizer HUD

1. Wear it.
2. If it is not turned on, turn it on so the on/off button is green.

That’s it.

*** Installing new Gesture Packs

1. Wear your Gesture Randomizer HUD
2. Rez the Gesture Installer pack on the ground
3. Click the installer pack.
4. Click the Menu button (crossed tools, 3rd button) and select ‘Install Set’ from the menu.
5. Wait for the set to finish chatting a wall of text.
6. Click the Menu button and choose ‘Pick Set’ and load the new set.
7. Delete the Gesture Installer set.

*** Troubleshooting

While the HUD itself is largely trouble free, there are some things wearers may find happening, particularly if you decide to make your own Gesture Sets.

1. Animations play when you’re laying down using the animations from the basic gesture HUD.

The SL server thinks you are standing still, and the Gesture Randomizer will play all the gestures loaded for your Standing  state.  If there are have leg animations in the standing entry, then you may find your legs doing odd things. Just turn your Randomizer off if you’re laying down using the gesture HUD.

2. You find that your animations conflict or fight, especially if you use 3rd party animations or try to create your own Gesture Sets.

We have carefully layered our animations to work together as a suite of products.  Generally speaking, if we use an animation in a standing state, it is safe to use that animation in a standing state in any Gesture Set you make for yourself.  We can make no assessment or guarantee about other animations made by other makers.

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