Percheron Cross Country Competition Results

A fierce group of competitors turned out on Sunday, September 18 to jump for the grand prizes of Percheron #1 on the grid. We are pleased to announced the results of this competition below. Congratulations to all of our competitors, and big congratulations to our first place winner, Talinii, who presented a final score of a scorching 219.195700 seconds on the score board, with a flawless no-fault run.


First Place is Talinii with 219.195700 seconds

Second Place is Rune with 224.250400 seconds

Third Place is Sutra Royale with 224.250400 seconds

Fourth Place is Feldgrau with 233.118100 seconds

Fifth Place is Prince Charming with 240.485300 seconds

Sixth Place is Esme with 247.67100 seconds


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