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SLB Exhibit

We were honored and excited to receive a double parcel this year at the Second Life 14th Birthday Celebration. This enabled us to have a full (standard) dressage Court in which to present exhibition rides.

Snapshot _ _Elite Equestrian_, Cherry Island (169, 108, 25) - 2

Riders and horses this year were Aggy Mia and her horses Rockoe and Beau; Lillian Fayray and The Dreamweaver; Starlight Despres & Answen; and Honey Heart with Heart’s Cherry and Heart’s Dancer.


We were delighted to have many visitors who stayed to watch our exhibition riders perform under the spotlights in our very special dressage Court.

Thank you to A1arica and Neternal of Equine Island for taking videos of our riders!

AggyMia & Rockoe

AggyMia & Beau

Lillian & The Dreamweaver

Honey Heart & Heart’s Cherry

Honey Heart & Heart’s Dancer (Arabian)

Honey Heart & Heart’s Dancer (Fairy)


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