50-90% Off Sale on All ~LP~ ABC Tack

We will be discontinuing the ABC tack line effective July 30, 2018.

We have reduced all of our ABC tack offerings from 50-250L. This is a reduction from 50% – 90% on all ABC tack including display halters, saddle sets, show sets, functional wagons and more.

This reduction is available only on our Marketplace.  ~LP~ Gift cards cannot be used to purchase sale-priced ABC tack.

Almost all ~LP~ tack for the ABC horse or pony is modifiable. You may or may not be able to modify this tack to fit other breeds, makes or models of horse or pony.  We can not answer any questions about whether or not it can be modified for your particular horse or pony. No customer support is available to assist with this.

After July 30th, our entire 1250 SKU line of ABC tack will be discontinued and no support will be available.



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