New, Animesh RealHorse Rideable Shetland Ponies


The new animesh RealHorse Rideable Shetland Ponies are available in 5 different styles and in 2 different rider sizes.  The Ponies are configured as English/Dressage, Baroque/Dressage, Western, Rosamunda Fantasy, and Ponicorn all for both XS/S and M/L riders.

The XS/S versions are animated for small mesh avatars including Toddleedoo Baby and Kid, Bebe and Chonk. The M/L versions are animated for all standard avatars including tween, teen and short adults.  The rider animations themselves are different; the XS/S versions do not break the small mesh avatars, the M/L will.  Try before you buy to make sure you have the correct version.

Unicorn Love

The Shetland Pony in a nutshell:


  • Low cost – all the features you need; none you don’t
  • Easy to use – just attach and go
  • Rapid, simple setup – adjust height and position in seconds
  • Persistent configuration – your settings are remembered
  • Streamlined scripting – fast and reliable
  • Low complexity – minimum lag
  • Easy customization – comprehensive texture & gesture HUDs with extensive animations
  • Wide range of appliers and accessories
  • Combat Ready – all horses interface with popular jousting systems
  • Multiple gaits, easy jumping and smooth & easy handling
  • No-Mod – you can’t break it
  • Copiable – you can make copies with different customization setups
  • Fun! – All the features you need for a fun ride out with friends

What RealHorse Rideable ARE NOT:

  • NO high cost
  • NO high complexity
  • NO features that contribute to lag
  • NO complex speed-shifting gaits
  • NO imperfectly synced horse/rider pairs
  • NO non-riding features (lead/cuddle etc)
  • NO wandering pet options

Shetland Pony and Victorian Swan Sleigh at The Dickens Project Live Reading Stave 4 and 5

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